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CILE 2013 - The 6th China International Logistics Expo 2013


The 6th China International Logistics Expo 2013

CILE 2013


Learning from the successful experience of previous sessions, the 6th China International Logistics Expo 2013 (CILE 2013), taken by Jinzhenfa (Beijing) Consultation Planning Inc., will be held at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) from May 9 to May 11, 2013.

 It is predicted that the exhibition area is 20,000 m2, and several professional sections will be set up to make the expo a comprehensive platform covering commercial opportunities in the modern logistics industrial chain. At the same period of holding China International Logistics Expo (CILE), such top-end logistics industry conventions of warehouse and storage as “IFWLA 2013 Beijing Annual Meeting & the 8th China Warehouse and Storage Industry Convention” and “The 2nd China Storage Facilities and Technology Applications Convention” will also be held. Theses conventions will attract more exhibition-visitors to attend the expo and become the cornerstone attracting more enterprises. Hereon, expo organizers welcome the attendance of industrial enterprises with sincere enthusiasm.

Bright Spots of Expo
● The only Authoritative Expo Approved by Ministry of Commerce to be held in Beijing
● The professional expo supported and attended commonly by numerous trade organizations
● A large number of domestic and foreign enterprises will join the exhibition, visit the expo and make purchases on the expo, which is a truly international fair
● Open to various links of supply chain and various industrial situations and fields, it is a comprehensive fair for infrastructure, service, management, facilities and technology
● At the same period, IFWLA 2013 Beijing Annual Meeting & the 8th China Warehouse and Storage Industry Convention will also be held, gathering domestic and foreign guests, making attendees enjoy alone latest information and make friends with domestic and foreign colleagues to expand commerce network.


Background Knowledge

China International Logistics Expo (CILE), initiated with the fast development of China modern logistics industry which is continuously growing up, now has become one of the most professional and authoritative great-events with largest scale in the industrial field of service, management, facilities, equipment and technology of Beijing or even China Logistics.

Approved by: Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China
Host Unit: China Association of Warehouses and Storage (CAWS)
Supported by:
China General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC)
China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA)
China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA)
China Shippers’ Association (CSA)
China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce (CAPC)
China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA)
Special sponsor: 
The Pallet Professional Committee of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing
The Cold Storage Sub-Association of China Association of Warehouses and Storage (CSARW)
Shanghai Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (SARW)
Jinzhenfa (Beijing) Consultation Planning Inc. (JCPI)
Zhongcang Lujie (Beijing) Culture Communication CO., LTD (ZLCC)


Time Schedule
Checking in and Setting up: May 7-8, 2013(8:30 – 17:00)
Opening Time: May 9, 2013 (9:00)
Exhibition Time: May 9-11, 2013(9:30 – 16:30)
Closing Time: May 11. 2013 (14:30)

Target Audience
Industry / Manufacture: Automobile, petrochemical, electric, machine building, metal working and refining, electrical appliance, other manufacture, R & D;
Wholesale/Retail: Supermarket/chain store, food and perishable goods, textile & clothes; biological /pharmacy, other wholesale/retail;
Service Industry: Goods agent / third party logistics, highway transportation, railway transportation, aerial transportation, private transportation, marine and port;
Others: Governmental organization, industry association/university, press & media.



[Price Exhibition Booth]

Type of Enterprise

Foreign Enterprise

Standard Booth: 9m2 (3m×3m)

USD 4000

Space Only (at least 36m2)

USD 430/m2

Note: 1、Standard exhibition booth configuration: 3-side boarding, 9㎡ carpet, a discussion desk, 2 folding chair, a fascia board, a 220 V power supply socket, 2 spotlights, 2-opening booth charges extra 10% of the expense.

2、Bare floor will be without any facility, and designed and decorated by exhibition organization itself or the consigner;

3、It is planed to have one exclusive sponsor, two special sponsors, and several sponsors of friendship. Please contact us for more details.

[Advertisement Price]

Expo Journal Ad.

Foreign Corp.


USD 4,000

Back Cover

USD 3,800

Inside Front Cover

USD 3,000

Inside Back Cover

USD 2,000

Inside Color Page

USD 1,800

Ad. on the Back of Visit Ticket

USD 2,000

Hanging Black & White Logo Ad.

USD 2,000

Ad. on the Back of Expo ID

USD 4,000

Handbag (Exclusive One Side Ad.)

USD 3,000

About the expenses for indoor and outdoor advertisement, and other format of advertisement, please contact Organizing Committee for more details.


[Technology Communication]

To assist corporation for publicizing itself, Organizing Committee will help corporation to hold technology communication meeting during the exposition, with the content decided by corporation itself. Audience from 50 to 80 persons for per meeting will be invited by the corporation itself with assistance provided by Organizing Committee. Every communication meeting will last 1 hour, and charges 3,800 USD to foreign corporation. We also provide relative services like sound, project, screen, mineral water, etc. Please contact Organizing Committee in advance if you are in need of holding technology lecture.

[Exhibition Registration Procedure]

1. Please fill in the “Registration Application & Contract for Exposition” carefully and stamp an official seal to fax or mail to Organizing Committee. Booth distribution bases on: “who applies and pays first will be arranged first.”

2. Send registration expense to Organizing Committee by wire transfer or in person in seven days after the application is confirmed by Organizing Committee. Please fax the receipt to Organizing Committee after the payment is transferred;

3. Organizing Committee will mail the invoice to the corporation after the registration expense is received; Registration Guild of the Exposition will be provided 30 days before the exposition;

4. Registration expense will not be refunded if corporation cancels the registration unilaterally; 

5. To ensure the quality of the exposition, and to implement market access system strictly, Organizing Committee retains the final authorization for the qualification of the registration of corporation.

6. Any corporation who invades intellectual property or legal right of other person, its qualification of the registration will be cancelled. And the expense will not be refunded;

7. To ensure the whole image of the exposition, Organizing Committee retains the right to change the exhibition booths of some of corporations. 


Name: Jinzhenfa (Beijing) Consultation Planning Inc.
Address: Room 116,Haoyue Office, No. 128, Lu Valley Rd, Shijingshan District, Beijing, P.R.C.
Tel: +86-10-5842 1100
Fax: +86-10-5851 4366
Official Website: Click to Visit

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