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UG 2013 - The 3rd Annual Unconventional Oil & Gas Summit China 2013

  • VENUE: Sheraton Chengdu Lido Hotel
    Location & Details of Sheraton Chengdu Lido Hotel
  • VENUE ADDRESS: No. 15, Section 1, Ren Min Zhong RoadChengdu,Sichuan610015, China
  • ORGANIZER: Global Industry Connects Consultancy (GICC group)
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-371-5595 8175
  • Fax: +86-371-5595 8784
  • CITY:Chengdu
  • INDUSTRY:Industrial Equipment & Components
  •  Oil & Gas
  •  Conference & Summit / Congress
  • DATE: 2013/04/24 - 2013/04/26 Expired!


The 3rd Annual Unconventional Oil & Gas Summit China 2013

UG 2013


The 3rd Annual Unconventional Oil & Gas Summit China 2013 (UG 2013), whici will be held in Chengdu during April 24-26, 2013, has generated a timely and strategic two-day program to discuss the promotion policies and the markets of the unconventional energy industry , the leading development experience and advanced technologies. This unique gathering will be a must-attend event for global commercial and technical professionals in unconventional oil and gas industry.

Unconventional Oil & Gas Summit China (UG) is extremely worthy noting that according to the reserves of the conventional energy which have already been proved up, the oil production will continue for 40 years, and for natural gas it is 70 years and the number referring to coal is 190 years. As the exhaustion of the conventional energy resources, the unconventional oil and gas markets are booming at present. 


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The 2nd Annual Unconventional Oil & Gas Summit China 2012 (UG 2012)



Conference Structure


DAY ONE--21st March
  Morning Policy Interpretation&Big Picture
  Afternoon Exploraiton&Production Progress


Day Two--22nd March
  Morning Technology Innovation;
  Afternoon Water Management&Environmental Practice



Name: Global Industry Connects Consultancy (GICC group)
Address: Room 1309, 13/F, Block NO.1, Joy International Square, NO.59 Zhenghua Road, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. (Post code 450000)
Tel: +86-371-5595 8175
Fax: +86-371-5595 8784
Official Website: Click to Visit

Global Industry Connects Consultancy (GICC group) is the producer and organizer of top-level B2B events. We have offices in Hong Kong and Zhengzhou City of Henan Province, China. We produce premium event products like conferences, seminars, training courses for business leaders across a wide range of industries around the world. We are committed to give our customers big ideas and relationships to do different and better business.

With many years’ working career in world-famous conferencing and exhibition companies, our management team has rich experience in operating international conferences and exhibitions. The main reason why we located our operating office in Zhengzhou, Henan Province is that, in the central and western China, many industries are in a stage of vigorous development, and thus there is a very strong demand for international communication and cooperation with foreign companies with leading technologies and experience. The fact that we are located in Henan Province is to produce more satisfying industry conferences and exhibitions for our clients by meeting the needs of the industries in central and western China better. We aim to become one of the most popular organizers of business conferences and exhibitions in Asia, making our contribution to promote the development of many industries in China.

Our Mission
Providing high value events to global industry leaders for their business development; integrate global industry resources to promote the industry's progress and development.
Our Vision
Global Industry Connects Consultancy aims to connect global business minds and industry leaders for easier and better business.



Global Industry Connects Consultancy (GICC)
Address: Room 1309,13/F,Block NO.1,Joy International Square,NO.59 Zhenghua Road,Zhengzhou,Henan Province,China.(Post code 450000)
Tel: +86-371-5595 8175
Fax: +86-371-5595 8784

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