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SZME 2013 - The 7th China Shenzhen International Model Exhibition


The 7th China Shenzhen International Model Exhibition

SZME 2013

The 7th China Shenzhen International Model Exhibition (SZME 2013), taken by Guangzhou Huiduo Exhibition Co., Ltd., will take place at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (SZCEC) during April 3-5, 2013.

The 7th China Shenzhen International Model Exhibition (SZME 2013) will build the first model show in China after the New Year, and make it become the largest international model show with the best display effects.

Shenzhen International Model Exhibition (SZME) has an international marketing team with multi-year experience in overseas development, served as Shenzhen International Model Exhibition (SZME) overseas promotion. And it has built good cooperation relations with the model manufacturers around the world, so Shenzhen International Model Exhibition (SZME) the number of foreign visitors increased year by year.


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The 6th China Shenzhen International Model Exhibition (SZME 2012)


Exhibit Scope of the 7th China Shenzhen International Model Exhibition (SZME 2013)

◆Aeronautical models
◆Ship models
◆Vehicle models
◆Weapon models
◆Architecture models
◆Simulation models
◆Model segments
◆Animation models
◆Remote control equipment
◆Electronic toys
◆ Model fuel battery and attachments
◆ Model Materials and manufacture
◆Test and measurement instruments
◆Specialist models, modeling equipment materials and services
◆ Media and trade information


Name: Guangzhou Huiduo Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Address: China Jian Zhong Road, Tianhe District, Room 1708 on the 7th, Guangzhou, China
Tel: +86-20-8555 6058
Fax: +86-20-8555 1758

Guangzhou Huiduo Exhibition Co., Ltd. founded in 1999 and  began to organized exhibition in China. In 2007, the world  exhibition giant GERMANY DORTMUND EXHIBITION  GROUP make a long term strategic cooperative partnership with  Huiduo Exhibition Limited. This is one of the most strength,  experienced and professional exhibition company.

Huiduo  promote communication and cooperation between home and  abroad enterprises for the purpose to held several large  professional exhibitions and has set the record of greatly  transaction achievement. 
Every section of expositions which were conducted by Huiduo  Exhibition Limited such as"Dongguan International Industry  Papermaking Exposition"and "Shenzhen International Casual wear  Expositon" "Shenzhen International model exposition" enjoys  papermaking, casual wear, mode "the barometer"reputation. 
Dongguan International Printing & Papermaking Exhibition contain  raw material, processing equipment, products. Because of large  scale, professional and stong, every products are related, so it has  played a huge industrial chain effects. Before 7th exhibition there  had many exhibitor participated the exhibition such as come from  Germany, UK, US, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and so on. This  exhibition becomes pageant for factories to present and gobal  buyers to purchase. 
Huiduo Exhibition Limited primary service to include: organizing  the Printing & Papermaking and kind of casual industry exhibition,  technology exchange, business and so on. The company's staff  members have rich experience, honest work, innovation and  efficient planning. 

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