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HP FIBERS 2013 - 2013 High Performance Fibers Industry Expo & Forum


 2013 High Performance Fibers Industry Expo & Forum




2013 High Performance Fibers Industry Expo & Forum (HP FIBERS 2013), scheduled by Shanghai Yearly Events Co.,Ltd, is going to take place at Shanghai Mart during April 24-26, 2013. HP FIBERS 2013 will further expand the achievements on the First Exhibition Forum, and enlarge the scale of the exhibition, optimize the exhibitors’ structure and focus to enhance the degree of internationalization of exhibitors and professional audience. 

2013 High Performance Fibers Industry Expo & Forum (HP FIBERS 2013) aims to build a one-stop business platform for the upper stream and downstream enterprises of the industry, which combines theimage display, the product promotion, the technical exchanges and the business negotiations to promote the development of the industry, and industrial upgrading featured as demand-driven. 2013 High Performance Fibers Industry Expo & Forum will dedicate an industry event featured as complete industrial chain, strong lineup of exhibitors, large amount of professional buyers and high-end academic activities!


Background Knowledge

In recent years, China's fiber-reinforced materials industry made ​​some progress, due to Policy of continuous support and business continuity efforts. However, the overall R & D and post-processing techniques are lagging behind, compared to the international state-of-the-art, which has also affected to a certain extent the overall development of the China's advanced composites industry. Therefore, there is an urgent need to enhance the overall level of to high performance fiber and reinforced materials.


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Buyers of HP FIBERS 2013 will come from: 

Aeronautics and Astronautics       Automobile Manufacture       Recreational sport           
Building reinforcement                   Electrical Insulation              Medical Devices         
Tire skeleton                       Friction Seal                  National Defence         
Safety Protection                 Wind Energy                 Rail transportation
Electric heating                   Electric wire                  High-strength rope


2013 High Performance Fibers Industry Expo & Forum (HP FIBERS 2013) mainly exhibits various types of high-performance fiber reinforced material such as carbon fiber, aramid, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, basalt fiber, glass fiber, as well as polyimide fibers, so to pander to the trend of “localization" and "industrialization".


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