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Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition 2011



Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition 2011



Taiwan Society of Manufacture Engineering and Automation Technology
Economic Daily News
Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.


Exhibit Profile



1.     Automation Controlling System
2.     Test and Measurement
3.     Hardware and Whole Plant Equipments
4.     Machinery and Equipments for Electronics Industry
5.     Software for Design Engineers
6.     Mold & Die Processing Equipments
7.     3C Metal Components & Alloy Technology & SMT
8.     Pumps, Valves, and Tube Accessories
9.     Robot & Robot Arms Pavilion



Move-in and Move-out



Move-out?2011/9/3?16:00 - 23:00




(1)News and Magazines:
Spread information and advertisements to domestic dominant news such as Economic Daily?Business News?China Times?United Daily News?leading news in central and south part of Taiwan…,and related professional magazines.

(2)Invitation Card
@100,000 invitation cards will be printed and be sent by Chan Chao Company?collocated institutions and media?exhibitors to make mass spread to visitors. 
@Chan Chao Company will search the potential buyers based on the visited buyers information accumulated from past years and related purchasing industries. 

Design Buyer’s Guide of 2010 Taipei International Automation Industry Exhibition by internet, which contains information of company and producing products Design EDM and potential buyers database as well to invite related industries by E-mail.

(4)Overseas Promotion
@Spread out the information of the exhibition to related overseas exhibitions and industrial expos organized by Chan Chao (such as Europe?Germany?Poland?Italy…,central and south America?Argentina?Mexico…,Asia?China?Hong Kong?Japan?South Korea?Russia?Dubai…,east and south Asia?Malaysia?Vietnam?Philippine?Indonesia…etc.)
@Invite the foreign buyers through the foreign agents of the organizers.
@Invite worldwide buyers through the assistance of organizers worldwide and the trade offices in Taiwan. 

(5)Institution Invitation
Invite the chief of the government and related industrial group?R&D institutions to improve the image of the exhibition.

(6)Buyer’s Guide and Compact Disk
Release Buyer’s Guide and compact disk and give free to the member of domestic related institution?related industries and the visitors.


Exhibition Fee


(1)Booth Rental
Raw Space : 9 Sqm (3m×3m)??US $1620 (US$180 /Sqm).
Standard Booth : 9 Sqm (3m×3m)??US $2070 (US$230 /Sqm).
Note : Standard Booth contains:
3 ×Partitions, 3×Spot lights, 1×110V socket, 1×Carpet (9sqms), 1 × Fascia with company name, 1× Information Desk and chair.

(2)Power Electricity 24hrs electricity water supply of water pipe air compressor forklift, will be charged additionally.




With the application form and the signature of company and the person in charge, mail or fax to :
Chan Chao International Co., Ltd./ Executer of 2011 Taipei International Automation Industry Exhibition

Tel : 02-2659-6000 Fax: 02-2659-7000 Email:
Address : 3F, NO.185, Kangchien Rd., Nei-Hu Dist., Taipei, Taiwan
Executers : Jessica Tu ext. 315


Booth Allocation


(1) During closing of application or when all booths are filled, the preparation office of the organizer will divide the areas uniformly based on product category. During the exhibitors meeting, exhibitors will base on its product area to select the location of their booth. (Booth selection shall not be across the aisle).

(2) Exhibitors subscribing for more booths will have the priority to select booth location during exhibitor meeting.

(3) For exhibitors with same number of booths, during exhibitors meeting, the selection priority will be based on the date of application. That means exhibitor who applies earlier can select booth location with priority.

(4) The organizer has the right to change the layout of the exhibition area, depends on exhibit situation and demand.

(5) To keep the safety of the floor construction, the organizer has the right to assign the location of the displayed product.

(6)Exhibitors cannot join together to register and select booth.


Withdrawal Regulation


1.Once the deposit for the exhibition booth is paid, it will not be refunded. For exhibitor who is allocated with booth but withdraws afterwards, the fund will not be refunded and will be used for payment of promotional expense for this exhibition.

2.Booth rented by the participating company cannot be transferred in private or cannot be utilized by company with name other than the company name during application (including name of sponsoring company). If there is violation, the organizer will immediately take back the transferred booth and will prohibit the company who did not apply to exhibit to continue to exhibit. The transferor will be prohibited to participate in any trade promotion activity conducted in the country by the organizer within two years.

3.Products displayed by participating companies must be related to the theme of this exhibition. Otherwise, exhibition will be prohibited.





Chan Chao International Co., Ltd. 
Mr. Richard Fang Ms. Agnes Chen/ Executers : Jessica Tu ext. 315
TEL: 02-2659-6000?#153 #315
FAX: 02-2659-7000
Show Event Official Website:
3F, NO.185, Kangchien Rd., Nei-hu Dist, Taipei, Taiwan


1.     Automation Controlling System
2.     Test and Measurement
3.     Hardware and Whole Plant Equipments
4.     Machinery and Equipments for Electronics Industry
5.     Software for Design Engineers
6.     Mold & Die Processing Equipments
7.     3C Metal Components & Alloy Technology & SMT
8.     Pumps, Valves, and Tube Accessories
9.     Robot & Robot Arms Pavilion


Name: Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.
Address: 3F, No.185, Kangchien Road,Nei-Hu Dist., Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2659 6000
Fax: +886-2-2659 7000
Official Website: Click to Visit

Chan Chao International Enterprise Group was founded in October, 1985 and is the first civil professional exhibition corporation. We are engaged in organizing large-scale international exhibitions and conferences, publishing exhibition magazine and CD-title, deputizing digital online exhibition.

Chan Chao International do not limit ourselves as a regional exhibition company, cause our effects, the company are well organized and vigorous developing to a global enterprise. From 1990, Chan Chao started expanding overseas business, besides transfer-investing into Es Mass Communication (M) Sdn. Bhd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co., Ltd.. in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, we are also closely alliance with the Paper Communication Exhibition Services in Hong Kong. Gradually we cooperated to organize more than 10 machinery exhibitions in the eastern-south Asia and many cities in China. Year after year, we have not only obtained official or general sales agent for many events in 38 countries, but also built a strong partner relationship.

Due to the economic growth in Vietnam, since 2001, Chan Chao has organized various International professional standard machinery exhibitions including, Textile machines, Sewing machines, woodworking machineries, automation machineries, plastic/rubber machineries, Packaging machineries, Foodtech machineries, Electronics, Car accessories, Spa, and environmental protection machineries; to create a better customer relationship, in the September of 2001, Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co., Ltd. was established in Ho Chi Minh City to get a closer contact with our oversea visitors/exhibitors.

To better comply with the ever-changing economy and market transition in globalization, Chan Chao has been proactively dedicated ourselves in the markets of developing countries such as Bangladesh and Cambodia these years. We expect to explaore more potential markets and business opportunities for our customers.

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