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CSITF 2013 - 2013 China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair



CSITF 2013

2013 China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair


China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF) is a state-level grand event jointly hosted by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, State Intellectual Property Office and Shanghai Municipality, organized by Shanghai International Technology Exchange Center (SITEC), which will be an ideal showcase to display the worldwide latest innovation and technology.
Innovation-driven Development, Intellectual Property Protection, Technology Trade Promotion” is the objective of CSITF 2013 . Based on “New Technology, New Market, New Network”, four major platforms will go with CSITF 2013 through professional services supporting: demonstration and transaction platform for international technologies, promotion and application platform for cutting-edge technologies, platform for enterprises to access to international technologies, and commercialization platform for innovation and technology transferring.
CSITF 2013 will focus on topics of intelligent manufacturing, information technology, biotechnology, new energy sources, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection, food safety and construction techniques. Forum, opening summit and activities of policy introductions, innovative presentations and project matching will highlight the showcase.
CSITF 2013 is the authority of the trade fair, which is based in Shanghai, face to the world, and serve to the national. Last but not least, professional services supporting trade in technology will provide informative and valuable assistance in the fields of technology transferring & licensing, intellectual property protection, technology financing, talent services and investment promotion.
As we witness this great event together, the organizers would like to convey sincere gratitude to all the authorities concerned, associations, numerous participants and traders for their continuous efforts, supports and participation. In this situation, CSITF 2013 becomes a valuable opportunity for you to display your quality products with advanced technologies and equipment as well as to expand your business worldwide. When you are searching for a more active, more realistic and more profitable market in the world, CSITF 2013 turns out commercially to be a showcase more important, more attractive and more promising than any other.




Intelligent Manufacturing: mechatronics and automation technology, and intelligent robots
Information Technology: communications, computers and computer languages, computer games,electronics, fiber optic technology
Biotechnology: biopharmaceuticals, nanotechnology and biotechnology, biomedical, regenerative medicine, DNA sequencing technology, and biological materials
New Energy Sources : solar, geothermal, wind, ocean energy, biomass and nuclear fusion
New Materials: electronic information materials, new energy materials, nano materials, advanced composite materials, advanced ceramic materials, eco-materials, new functional materials, biomedical materials, high-performance structural materials, smart materials, new construction and new chemical materials
Energy Saving and Environmental Protection: energy efficient technology and equipment, energy efficient products, energy services industry, advanced environmental protection technology and equipment, environmental products and environmental services
Food Safety: various types of safety of food additives, pesticide residues testing equipment, food production and tracking technology
Construction Techniques: urban planning, environmental design, landscape design, civil engineering, construction machinery, intelligent building products, all kinds of new building materials


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Worldwide Exhibitions Service Co., Ltd. (WES) is an enterprise specialized in organizing, planning and holding all kinds of large-scale international activities, such as exhibitions, shows, expositions, trade negotiation and academic symposium, etc. Since its establishment in 1994, the exhibitions held by WES has covered a wide range of nearly 40 different industries, such as industrial manufacture, electronics, communication, computer, industrial automation, environmental protection, new energy, water treatment, material processing, building, materials, ceramics, sanitary & bath equipment, kitchen equipment, safety & security, office automation, etc.

In the continuous development of its business, the company has established wide cooperation and interactive relationship with the related governmental departments, trade associations, non-governmental organizations, scientific research institutes, universities and colleges.

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