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SNEC 6th (2012) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition (SNEC (2012) PV POWER EXPO)


SNEC 6th (2012) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition 


About the trade show:

As the largest exhibition among global solar industry and with the theme of “Develop New Energy, Benefit all Mankind”, SNEC 6th (2012) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition (SNEC (2012) PV POWER EXPO) focuses on presenting the solar power projects and innovative photovoltaic technologies.    

Solar power is the most potential and promising energy in this century. Thanks to the advanced technology, unlimited resource and environmental friendship, the PV industry has already become the core of global industry revolution, the direction of developing low carbon economy and the important approach to fight against energy crises and achieve sustainable development. China, who already regards new energy as strategic emerging industry, is offering a great chance to solar and other new energy industries by investing 3 trillion Yuan in 10 years. As the main trend of high & new technology industrialization, Shanghai will upgrade the new energy industry by largely developing thin film solar cells, supporting high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells, and exploring key equipments of thin film solar cells; Shanghai is now working hard to be an important PV industry base through optimizing industry layout and accelerating the development of industrial cluster, and to take the lead in key technology of solar cells and equipment manufacturing capability. Meanwhile, we will pay great attention to next generation solar cells technology such as nanometer silicon, dye-sensitized and organic solar cells, support and step up the development of new solar thermal power generation system. In terms of industrial layout, Shanghai will take Minhang district as the core of solar energy industry base and establish it to the solar research and production center. It supports Pujiang High-tech Park in Minhang which gives priority in developing thin film solar cells and developing high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells. Shanghai will also help Zhangjiang High-tech Park and other industrial parks become the base of research and producing key equipments for thin film solar cells, support Songjiang, Fengxian and other districts in establishing a number of featured solar industrial parks.
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Buyers, traders, Engineers & Consultants, Project Developers, Regulatory Bodies, Technology people are the target visitors.


Exhibitor Profile Includes Production Equipment, Ingot/Block Production Equipment Wafer Production Equipment, Cell Production Equipment, Panel Production Equipment, Thin-Film Panel Production Equipment, Solar Cells/Panels (PV Modules), Components Solar Materials, Solar Products, PV Projects and System Integrators.


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