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Asia-Pacific International Offshore Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition


Profile of the Trade Show / Conference---- Asia-Pacific International Offshore Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition

With the background of the economic technology globalization, the oil and gas industry is currently facing a number of challenges including prices, technology, environment, lack of resources, heated competition, etc. The key to conquering these challenges is the strengthening of the nation's technology exchange and cooperation.

In an effort to work with the market direction and goals of the nation, and ensure the sustainable development of the energy industry, the 2011 Asia-Pacific International Oil & Gas Conference will provide am internationalized, high-end, open, fair, and independent communication platform based on authority, business, and precision.


Petroleum companies, Government Institutions, Drilling contracting companies/services/equipment providers, Oil and gas prospecting and production, Oil and gas processing, Oilfield service contracting companies, Petroleum plants, Pipeline operation, Plan and design firms, Building and construction, Project consultation, Drilling platform production and operating staff, Storage and transportation services, Detection services, Chemical processing.


Drilling and completion equipment, exploration services and equipment, Deep water technology and equipment, submarine installations and oil rigs, offshore drilling platforms, Ocean exploration ship, marine floating platforms, pumps and compressors, diving equipment, remote, Pipeline inspection and maintenance; pipelines and pipeline components,Steel, special metals, welding and cutting equipment, alloys and welding alloys.


Name: Business Media China AG (BMC)
Address: Colorado-Turm, Industriestraße 4, 70565 Stuttgart, Germany
Tel: +49-711-49047-860
Fax: +49-711-49047-865
Official Website: Click to Visit

Business Media China AG (BMC) – a company that was specialised in outdoor advertising and the organising of trade fairs and exhibitions. BMC began in 2005 by successfully organising trade fairs in a number of industries – such as cosmetics or optoelectronics. As a secondary activity, BMC developed the outdoor advertising business, which leased advertising space at Chinese airports and railway stations.

In the course of developing a new business strategy for BMC in the years 2009 and 2010, the trade fair and exhibition business was sold and the outdoor advertising business was given up in the face of the unfavourable economic environment.

A milestone in realigning the company’s strategy was the entry of Golden Tiger Investment Ltd. (GTI) as the new main stakeholder in BMC. Since that time the company’s main aim has been to build up a consulting and investment company in the energy industry that enables western companies to participate in the great growth potential that the Chinese market offers. The strategy enables Chinese companies to exploit leading-edge technologies and serve the Chinese market together with their western partners.

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