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China Seed Expo 2012


China Seed Expo 2012
China is the second largest seed market, and China Seed Expo is the exclusively international level and professional seed trade exhibition in China. The coming ‘China Seed Expo 2012’ is strongly supported by China Ministry of Agriculture, The People's Government of Anhui Province, and China Seed Industrial Associations, which will feature about 500 exhibiting booths in an area of 12,000 square meters, showcasing the latest development of seed products and technologies around the world.
The exhibition includes: Seeds and Seedlings, Cereal Crops, Cotton, Oil Plants, Vegetables, Fruits, Pastures and Turfs, Flowers, Woods, Agro-Chemicals, Seed Coatings, Pesticides, Fungicides, Chemicals, Technology, Machinery and Facilities, Processing and Packing Machinery, Test Equipment, Analysis Instruments, Intellectual Properties, Breeding Methodology, Books and Documents, Medias, Consultations.
The China Seed Expo 2012 will take place at Shenyang International Exhibition Center in Liaoning Province, with a display area of more than 12,000 square meters. It's a grand international convention held in China and Supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and the People's Government of Liaoning Province.
International----On the last China Seed Expo, there were corporate and personal exhibitors and visitors from 44 countries, such as France, Germany, USA, Chile, Spain, Korea, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Holland, Jordan, Iran and more than 1,000 domestic seed corporations from 30 provinces(municipalities). Exhibiting seeds and seedlings, breeding facilities, seeds insecticides, seed technology and seed industrial media etc. amounting to 5 categories and 20 specific lines.


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Seeds Retailers/ Wholesalers/ importers-
exporters, Agricultural Entrepreneurs, Market garden value chain 
operators, Irrigation system manufactures, Institutions and 
associations, Consumers are the target audience


​The exhibition includes: Seeds & Seedlings, Cereal Crops, Cotton, Oil Plants, Vegetables, Fruits, Pastures & Turfs, Flowers, Woods, Agro-Chemicals, Seed Coatings, Pesticides, Fungicides, Chemicals, Technology, Machinery & Facilities, Processing & Packing Machinery, Test Equipment, Analysis Instruments, Intellectual Properties, Breeding Methodology, Books & Documents, Medias, Consultations.

International Exhibitors
Monsanto Co.,Ltd (USA)
Dupont-Pioneer Company (USA)
Syngenta Co., Ltd (Swizerland)
Limagrain China Seed Company(France)
GNIS-French Seed Association(France)
Doriane S.A(France)
Bayer cropscience Co.,Ltd(Germany)
BASF (China) Co.,Ltd.(Germany)
Enza Zaden Co.,Ltd(Holland)
INCOTEC Group Companies(Holland)
Eurosemillas Seed Company(Spain)
Asia Seed Company(South korea)
Agrimatco Co.,Ltd(Jordan)
Chamber of commerce of Columbia(Columbia)
Agronomix Software, Inc (Canada)
     Domestic Exhibitors 
Ten Square International, Inc
Anhui Funan Vegetable Research Institute
Anhui Huaibei Jiu Bao Tian Seed Co.,Ltd.
Anhui new chilli seed co.,Ltd.
Anshan Jinzhen Seed Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Biotong Seed Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Dayi International Seed Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Jewelry Seeds Co., Ltd.
Beijing Jindanlong Seeds Co.,Ltd
Beijing Jingyan Yinong Sci- Tech Development Center
Beijing King Agro-tech Seeds technological company
Beijing Mantian Seeds Co.,Ltd.
beijing mircle lnternational agriculture scien &tech development co.,ltd.
Beijing Namo Tech.-Trade Co. ,Ltd.
Beijing Silvermoon Seed Sci-tech Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Xiuhe International Agricultural Development Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Zhongshu Horticultural Seed Research Center, Vegetable and Flower Research Institution of China Academy of Agricultural 
Beijing Zhongyanyinong Seed Co.,Ltd.
Changchun Dafunong Seedling Technology Co., Ltd.
Changchun Saishi Agricultural development Co.,Ltd.
China Gansu Jiuquan OK Seed Machinery co.,ltd.
China Seed Industry
Chongqing Mingtian Seed Store
Chongqing Minhaha Agriculture Co.,Ltd.
chun xiao seed Co.,Ltd.
Crops Research Institute Guangdong Academy of Agricultural 
Dalian Agricultural technological development and service 
Dalian Qiankun Seed Co.,Ltd.
Dalian Shengshi Seed Co.,Ltd.
Dandong Shengyuan Agriculture Co,.Ltd.
Family kinds of Jinzhou Xin Yuan Co., Ltd.
Gold Sun Agriculture Science and Technologe Co.,Ltd.
Golden Rice Seeds Company Ltd. of Guangdong Province
Green Seed Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, Pa
Guang Zhou Hua Ye Seed Technology Co ,.Ltd.
Guangdong General Station for Crop Technology Extension
Guangdong Heshan Shaping Hongtu Seeds Company
Guangdong Institute of Agricultural Mechanization
Guangdong Provincial Improved Variety Introduce Service Corp
Guangdong Rural Information Center
Guangdong Speedling Horticulture Co. Ltd.
Guangzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences/Guangzhou 
Agricultural technological development Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou Danong Horticultural Seed Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou exuberant field seed co,.ltd.
Guangzhou Flower Research Center
Guangzhou Honghai Seed Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou Huayan Seed Technology Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou Huiyan Horticultural Seed Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou Jintian Agri-tech Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou Jubao Agri-tech Co.,Ltd. 

Hongkong New world promoted seed Co.,Ltd.

GuangZhou NanGuo Agricultural (Group) Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Nanshu Science Tech nology of Agricultare Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Sengde Seeds Packing design Co.,Ltd.
GuangZhou XinHuo Internet Technologies Ltd.
Guangzhou Xuanlan Seed Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou Yangming International Agricultural Means Market.
Guangzhou Yashu Horticultural seeds co.,ltd.
Guangzhou Yuet Long Agriculture Co.,Ltd.
Hangzhou Zhemi Horticulture Institute
Hebei Dayu Seed Co.,Ltd.
Hebei Wanquan Huasui Specialty Corn Seed Corporation
Hebei Wanquan Wanfeng Co.,Ltd.
Hefei Pang's Agro-Products Co.,Ltd.
Henan Fugou Leek research institute
Hong Kong Baisite Agricultural technological development Co.,Ltd.
Hongxin kinds of cities in Jiangxi Feng Co., Ltd.
Hunan Xiangyan Seed Industry Co.,Ltd.
Hunan Xingshu Seed Co.,Ltd(Vegetable Research Institute of 
Hunan province)
Jiangxi Bowang Seed Co.,Ltd.
Jiangxi Ganxin Seed CO.,Ltd.
Jiangxi Huanong Seed CO.,Ltd.
Jiangxi Zhengbang Seed Co.,Ltd.
Jinan Luqing Seedling Com., Ltd.
Guangzhou Honghai Seed Co.,Ltd.
Journal of Changjiang Vegetables
Known-You Seed(China)Co.,Ltd.
Li He Agriculture (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.
Liaoning Haihe Seed Co.,Ltd.
Mainland Branch office, Hong Kong Baisite Agricultural 
technological development CO.,Ltd.
Modern Agricultural Equipment Co.,ltd
Nanning Guifuyuan Agriculture Co., Ltd.
Nanning Guiyan Seeds Co.,Ltd.
Nanning Hongenli Seed Co.,Ltd.
Nanning kenong Seedling Limited Company
Pixian Shuchun Seeds Co.,Ltd.
Qingdao Daerok Agricultural Products Development Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Huanglong Seeds Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Myoungsan Agriculture Seed Co.,Ltd.
Shandong Linxu Jinma Seeds Institute
Shandong Province Seeds Group Co., Ltd. • CHINA
Shanghai Power Seed Co., Ltd.
ShangHai Toplant Seeds Co.,Ltd.
Shantou Jinhan Seeds Co.,Ltd.
Shengyang Huanggu Seeds Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen Sangye Industry Co,.Ltd.
Shouguang South Australia Luheng Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Sichuan Liaoyuan Golden-Seed Co.,Ltd.
Taizhou City Sunshade Net Factory/Zhejiang Taizhou Luqiao 
Jiajing electronic crystal Co.,Ltd.
The seed society of Anhui Province
TianDa Modern Agriculture Corp.
Tianjin Gengyun Seed Co.,Ltd.
Tianjin Xiqing Jinfeng Seeds Store
Tieling Yuqing Seed Technology Co.,Ltd.
Vegetable Research Institute Guangdong Academy of Agricultural 
Sciences/Seed and Seedling Center of Guangdong Agri-Sciences 
Group Corporation
Vegetable Seeds Co.,Ltd. in Xiamen, Xiamen
Weifang Yijiafeng Tomato Seed Co.,Ltd.
Weilong Wine
Wenzhou Shenlu Seed Co.,Ltd.
Wuhan Hechang Agricultural Science&Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
Xiamen Nonglong Seed Co.,Ltd.
Xingcheng Zhongwang Seed Co.,Ltd.
Xinjiang Nongren Seed Technology Co.,Ltd.
Zhanjiang Xinmiao Seeds Co.,Ltd.
zhejiang sky good seed co.,ltd


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Address: Maizidian No20, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100125, China
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