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Cell Culture Asia 2014

  • VENUE: TBA (To Be Announced) / TBC (To Be Confirmed)
  • ORGANIZER: JFPS Group China
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-21-5172 0000
  • Fax: +86-21-5172 0088
  • CITY:Shanghai
  • INDUSTRY:Medical & Pharmaceutical
  •  Biology & Biomass
  •  Conference & Summit / Congress
  • DATE: 2014/03/04 - 2014/03/05 Expired!


Cell Culture Asia 2014


Cell Culture Asia 2014, expected to be the largest and most professional cell culture conference in China with profound content, cutting-edge information and the most senior speakers, is organized by JFPS Group China and will be staged in Shanghai from Mar.4 to Mar.5, 2014.

Cell Culture Asia 2014 will provide not only the professional techniques and experiences, but also new opportunities, inspiring speeches and invaluable connections, more than 16 experts from the leading biopharmaceutical and vaccine companies worldwide will be invited to share their experience and discuss the toughest problems in R&D, mid-test, and large-scale manufacturing phase of cell culture.


We Are Imitated By Many, But Surpassed By None. Because:

•   Focusing on cell culture to bring in the most specific cutting-edge information . 

•   Covering all phases from early R&D, mid-test, to manufacturing, providing total update of both 'software' and 'hardware' in cell culture. 

•   20+ experts whose titles are VP, CTO, technical director, chief scientist and manufacturing director from leading biopharma and vaccine companies, research institutes, key national laboratories and universities will do the most passionate speeches for you.

•   Technical difficulties in scale-up manufacturing and medium optimisation, advantages and disadvantages of disposable equipments in cell culture will be discussed emphatically in this event.

•   Face-to-face opportunities are provided for you to discuss the technical difficulties and bottleneck in cell culture with the leading experts to let you know what they really need.

•   Large potential investment and marketing opportunities await you as many decision makers in enterprises, research institutes and laboratories are invited to attend.

•   Exhibition and presenting opportunities have been prepared for you to show what you are proud of to your potential customers in a large-scale summit in China..


Hot Topics on Cell Culture Asia 2014
•   Development Trend and Future of Cell Culture
•   3D cell culture
•   Optimisation of Protein Expression
•   Medium Optimisation
•   Processing Data by Mathematic Method
•   Large-Scale High-Density Cell Culture Technology
•   The Application and Cost Control of Disposable Equipment
•   Automation Equipment in Cell Culture


Name: JFPS Group China
Address: Unit 2007-2010, 20th Floor, Tower 1 Kerry Everbright City No. 218, Tian Mu Road (West) Shanghai, China 200070
Tel: +86-21-5172 0000
Fax: +86-21-5172 0088
E-Mail: +86-21-5172 0088
Official Website: Click to Visit

JFPS Group is the leading business performance enhancement company with affiliate partners across the globe. JFPS Group organizes hundreds of events annually and works with thousands of senior executives from leading companies to improve their strategic decision-making process.As a world-class business intelligence provider, JFPS Group provides business executives with knowledge and skills through conferences, professional training, in-house training and consulting.

Our success is based on the fact that we constantly research and listen to all industry sectors. Our events and research papers are addressing the issues and concerns raised in the discussion that we have with our clients. This helps us to ensure that the business information we provide is timely, cutting-edge and features the best speakers.

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