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China General Aviation Summit 2011

  • VENUE: Sofitel Xi'an on Renmin Square
    Location & Details of Sofitel Xi'an on Renmin Square
  • VENUE ADDRESS: 319 Dongxin Street Shaanxi Province 710004 Xi'an, China
  • ORGANIZER: Noppen Co. Ltd
  • CITY:Xi'an
  • INDUSTRY:Industrial Automation
  • DATE: 2011/07/07 - 2011/07/08 Expired!


Profile of the Trade Show ---- China General Aviation Summit 2011
Along with the reform in civil aviation policy, the number of general aircraft manufacturers and developers is growing. In addition, the demand for general aircraft and technologically qualified staff is increasing in industry. The annual revenue of AVIC General Aircrafts is estimated to hit a high of RMB 10,000 billion by the year of 2017. By then, AVIC General Aircraft is predicted to manufacture up-to 300 different models of general aircrafts per year.

The development and success of Chinese Aviation design and construction will inevitably lead to higher demand domestically, and in time internationally too. Currently, Chinese made aircrafts represent only 42.7% of the nation's fleet, with Chinese helicopters taking only a 2.4% share of the domestic market. The need for higher quality, more technologically advanced aircrafts with an improved working life cycle will ensure significant growth in the Chinese Aviation Industry.

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