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Plastics Technology in Medical Products Conference & Expo


about the show/ conference:

5th Plastics Technology in Medical Products Conference & Expo  & Medical Polymer Technology Conference 2011
-- The demand  for medical high polymers in China grows by 20% annually  attributing to the fact that high polymers have been included into  the new materials development plan in China. In fact, not only  have high polymers already taken over many of the uses in medical  equipment manufacturing but also accelerate technological  breakthroughs in the medical products sector.

In addition to key topics including the discussion of medical high  polymers, the Plastics Technology in Medical Products  Conference covers the discussion of tissue engineering materials,  nano biomedical materials and intelligent biomedical materials.  There will be over 200 industrial decision makers and medical  professionals to attend the conference, a platform for promoting  the mutual links between the medical products sector and the  polymer materials industry.

Key Topics at the Plastics Technology in Medical Products  Conference:

Session I. Market Trend and Regulations for Medical High  Polymers
1. Updated policies that govern the medical apparatus  manufacturing
2. Latest requirement and development of medical apparatus in  clinical applications
3. Market overview and analysis for medical high polymers

Session II. Application of Biodegradable High Polymers in  Artificial Organs and Artificial Tissues
1. Heart valves
2. Artificial skin
3. Artificial blood vessels

Session III. Design and Application of Medical Polymer Products
1. High polymers for aseptic packaging
2. Disposable medical products (Medical dressings)
3. Home medical devices

Session IV. Research of Medical High Polymers Application
1. Application of Nano biomedical high polymers
2. Application of Intelligent biomedical materials
3. Research and application of medical high polymers for tissue  engineering

Session V. Process Technology & Molding Equipment of Medical  High Polymer Products
1. Extrusion technology development – high speed extrusion for  medical pipes
2. Design troubleshooting - micro forming, blow molding,  vacuum forming, hot pressing
3. New development of multi-layer co-extrusion film
4. Application of secondary forming (surface modification,  welding)
Conference Manager:Ms. Vilar Ye 86-21-62895533-357


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