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CILE 2015 - The 8th China International Logistics Expo 2015


CILE 2015

The 8th China International Logistics Expo 2015 2015 - The 8th China International Logistics Expo 2015,2015年中国国际物流博览会

Fair ended. For CILE 2016 please click HERE.

The 8th China International Logistics Expo 2015 (CILE 2015), organized by Jinzhenfa (Beijing) Consultation Planning Inc., will take place at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) from May 28 to May 30, 2015. 

China International Logistics Expo (CILE) initiated with the fast development of China modern logistics industry which is continuously growing up, now has become one of the most professional and authoritative great-events with largest scale in the industrial field of service, management, facilities, equipment and technology of Beijing or even China Logistics.

Bright Spots of the 8th China International Logistics Expo 2015 (CILE 2015)
● The only Authoritative Expo Approved by Ministry of Commerce to be held in Beijing
● The professional expo supported and attended commonly by numerous trade organizations
● A large number of domestic and foreign enterprises will join the exhibition, visit the expo and make purchases on the expo, which is a truly international fair
● Open to various links of supply chain and various industrial situations and fields, it is a comprehensive fair for infrastructure, service, management, facilities and technology
● At the same period, the 9th China Warehouse and Storage Industry Convention will also be held, gathering domestic and foreign guests, making attendees enjoy alone latest information and make friends with domestic and foreign colleagues to expand commerce network.


Experts related to various industries like Automobile, petrochemical, electric, machine building, metal working and refining and electrical appliance, wholesalers, retailers, goods agent, government officials and eminent experts related to logistics industry.


Exhibit Scope:
Section I - Warehousing Estate and Logistics Park:
Warehousing estate enterprises, logistics park (the base), logistics distribution center, freight distribution base and road-port etc;

Section II - Transport Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services:
Transport enterprises such as roads, railways, ocean shipping and aviation as well as shipping agencies, courier services and multimodal transport enterprises; public storage and third party logistics enterprises, various classes of professional logistics enterprises such as bonded areas, ports, engineering, medicine, automobile and EC logistics.

Section III- Cool House Technology and Cold Chain Logistics:
Cool house refrigeration technology, energy saving and environmental protection technology, ground processing technology, preservation technology, cool house facilities and equipment, cold storage transport facilities and technology, public cool house enterprises, low temperature distribution center, cold storage transport enterprises and cold storage logistics enterprises etc.

Section IV - Logistics Planning and Consultation:
Planning design organizations of urban logistics, logistics parks and various warehouse as well as logistic distribution center; integrators of various logistics facilities, equipment and technology; consulting companies of logistic planning, design and operation; related scientific research, educating and training organizations etc.

Section V- Logistics Equipments and Technology:
1. Informatization of Logistics
● RFID Automatic identification technology, bar code labels, data acquisition, mechatronics technology, voice recognition technology;
● Logistics management software including GPS, WMS, ERP, GIS, EDI, SCM and MIS and the techniques of Internet of Things that applied in logistics industry;
● Transport control and data processing systems, intelligent transportation systems, warehouse management and control technology, e-procurement and e-settlement system;
2. Warehouse equipment and transport vehicles
●Three-dimensional shelves, automatically rotating shelves, storage cages, tool cabinets, tool holders, tool cars, parts boxes, trays, bins, circulating boxes, carts, casters, frozen/refrigerated equipments, containers and filling bags, warehouse floor projects;
● Forklift trucks and their tools, AGV transportation vehicles, urban logistics vehicles, heavy trucks for main line transport, van and refrigerated trucks, special industrial transport vehicles (such as: explosion-proof vehicles, special vehicles for port or airport), lifting equipments, hydraulic lift platform and vehicle tail plate;
●Warehouse automation integrated systems, automatic sorting systems, selection systems, sensors, three-dimensional parking systems, industrial doors, dock levelers, hydraulic and pneumatic drive technologies, drive control technologies, conveyors, robots, vacuum handling machineries, slings, mobile power supply devices, reducers, electric rollers, universal balls, rollers and hardware accessories;
●Weighing and packaging equipments, packaging machines, packing boxes, marking machines, packing machines winding machines, banding machines, packaging containers, packaging materials, reinforcement materials and antiskid materials.


Name: Jinzhenfa (Beijing) Consultation Planning Inc.
Address: Room 116,Haoyue Office, No. 128, Lu Valley Rd, Shijingshan District, Beijing, P.R.C.
Tel: +86-10-5842 1100
Fax: +86-10-5851 4366
Official Website: Click to Visit

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