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EVTec China 2015 - China International EV Technology Fair 2015


EVTec China 2015

China International EV Technology Fair 2015

EVTec China 2015 - China International EV Technology Fair 2015, concurrently with Battery China 2015, will take place during June 3-5, 2015 at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)Beijing.

At present, the worldwide government, car business and investors put more attention to the development of EV or E-Bike when pushing low-carbon environmental philosophy. EV is gradually into people's lives and becoming one part of urban public transport system. In recent years, EV and E-Bike got rapid development in China’s market.

China International EV Technology Fair 2015 (EVTec China 2015) will be an international trade show with up to 30,000 square meters, 1500 booths and topic about EV, E-Bike, dynamo, electronic control, BMS, charge station and related facilities. Furthermore, it will cover the whole EV and battery industry industry chain and EVTec China 2015 will fully shows the new trends, new technology and new products in current EV and battery industry.


Exhibitor's Profile
Exhibits Scope:
A: Pure  electric vehicles

cars, coaches, buses, touring cars, various pure electric  special vehicles (sanitation trucks, electric vehicles, postal vehicles, mini  vans, golf carts, RVs, forklifts, pallet trucks, sightseeing vehicles,  medical vehicles, police cars, motorcycles, tricycles, etc);

B: Hybrid electric vehicles
cars, coaches, buses, various touring cars, etc;

C: Vehicles using other energy sources
Vehicles using super-capacitors, fuel  cells, hydrogen, bio-fuels, solar energy and hydrogen, natural gas, clean  fuels and other new energy sources, low-emission and energy-saving vehicles,  etc;

D: Accessories
low-emission energy-efficient engines, hybrid engines and clean  fuel engines; power batteries and management systems; vehicle buses and  control systems; motors and electric control systems; charging devices;  energy storage devices; energy management systems; power capacitors,  flywheels, inverters, electric heat pumps, power steering, electric air  conditioning, power modules, etc.; related materials, processes, technologies;  related detection, monitoring, testing and safety protective equipment;  maintenance and manufacturing equipment and tools;

E: Charging facilities
intelligent network project planning for charging  station and achievement exhibition, building of charging (swap) stations based on filling stations, exhibition of integrated gasoline filling and EV  charging stations, solar-wind vehicle charging station technologies and  products, charging station chargers, charging piles, power distribution  equipment, transformers, replacement equipment, electric energy, monitoring  systems, active filtering devices, power distribution cabinets, electrical cables, direct charging equipment, auxiliary management equipment, battery  charging and replacement and battery management systems, parking lot charging  facilities, intelligent monitoring, charging station power supply solutions,  charging stations, etc.

F: Other
new energy vehicles, system control designs, etc.


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As an important events organizer in China, Beijing Huaxing Orient Exhibition Co. (BHOEC) specially engages in international exhibition, conferences and trade. She has plentiful experiences in exhibition organization, and had cooperated for many times with overseas exhibition companies, Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, All-China Federation of Returned Overseas, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Chinese Musicians Association, China Meteorological Administration, China National Light Industry Council as well as its subsidiary associations jointly organized Exhibitions & Conferences, such as musical instrument, e-commerce, paper,tobacco, ethnic minorities supplies, battery show and related technology forum, China EV-Power Battery Series Technology Salon, etc. Integrity, rigorous and high efficiency, we have gained great recognition from partners in China and abroad.

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