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The 12th China International Green Food & Organic Food (Shanghai) Exposition (CGOE 2011)


The 12th China International Green Food & Organic Food (Shanghai) Exposition (CGOE 2011)

The 11th China International Green Food &Organic Food Exposition at China International Exhibition Center on 7th-9th May had been successfully held and attracted around one thousand exhibitors from 23 different countries and areas. The grand scale of this exhibition is more than 30 thousand square meters, and 43323 audiences from 32 countries witness the unprecedented in this exhibition. Shibowei international organic food provide a high-end platform for foreigner exhibitors making their news products into china market, also be a perfect trade platform for domestic enterprises to promote their brands. The exhibitors who apply for booth in the exhibition spot have got hundreds .At present, the bidding for 12th China (shanghai) International organic food has fully started, please do not miss the exposition and participate in the exposition. What’s more, we have cooperated with Korea Organic Farming Association for The 10th Seoul Int’l Organic & Natural Trade Fair 2011,if you have any interest,please contact us ASAP! 


Shanghai International Green Food&Organic Food Expo is a short cut and efficient platform to the company that hope to enter into the China market and expand their business. In recent years, Green Food & Organic Food industry grows fast  in China. The organic food market performance in China is so excellent that promotes consumers to buy the high-quality of green food and organic food. The 12th China International Green Food & Organic Food Expo have being internatioanlly recognnized .we also offer a strong-effects guarantee and best publicity service for exhibitors.
Why Shibowei Green Food & Organic Food Expo?
1、Shibowei has successfully organized the “Green Food Exposition” for eleven years in Beijing. We have huge clients information resources and mature marketing experience and enjoy great popularity in the health industry.  We have received around 1200 enterprises from 37 different countries and about 50,000 visitors have participated. We are a brand company and the only exhibition company registered in the China Trademark Office.
2、Within 500 kilometers around Beijing, there are two large cities with a population of more than 10,000,000, and nine cities with a population of more than 1,000,000, then Beijing is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. It directly serves 40% of China’s population ,therefore.Beijing is the first city for companies that wish to attend exhibitions and expand their market share .
3、Shanghai and Beijing is the headquarter of the Chinese green food and organic food market. Because it is the capital of the economy, many big copanies’ headquarters are located here. Huge media coverage also promotes the speed with which new products enter the market. So, Beijing and Shanghai has become the most important place for the market.
4、Advanced marketing and mobilizing networks are very important for the food economy. In Beijing there are about 3,000 supermarkets, 5,000 shopping malls and many food outlets. The sales volume of green food is especially huge, and presently the market demand is increasing 30% per year.
5、Beijing and Shanghai people  pay much attention to food and health than people of other cities in China. Besides, Beijing and Shanghai have a population that is highly mobile. So, both high-end products and semi-high-end products or even lower-end product have great market potential.
6、We break through the simple exhibition service, provide all round systematic enterprise service, including business interconnection, technology communication, targeted appointments, hosted buyers and so on. 
7、It’s an effective exhibition that provide cooperation opportunities for more than 30,000 agents , distributors and 50,000 Consumer Bodies
8、Exhibitors who take part in the 12th China(Shanghai) International Green Food and Organic Food Expo will have opportunity to attend in the activity of "Recommendation of Health Food to the Central Departments ”
Join & Win
Exhibitors, who take part in the 12th International Healthcare Expo or International Extracts , you will have opportunity to win honor . We set Golden Award, Top Ten Brands Award, Outstanding Enterprises (Entrepreneur) Award, Integrity Pacesetter Award, Designated Products Award , Recommended Products Award , Technology Innovation Award , Innovative Marketing Award, “FOUR NEWS” Award (New Concepts, New Technology, New Achievement, New Brand)
Special Business Atmosphere for Exhibitiors
Our exhibition is the quintessence of the organizers, exhibitors and the professional visitors, hence make this exposition more professional, more market-oriented, and more commercialized. To make a perfect business atmosphere, our staff ,with our particular experiences invented by Shibowei Exposition, will offer a comprehensive and high quality services. You are entitled to experience our cosy exhibition environment and high quality sevice regardless of the size of your booth.
More business opportunities for sponsors
I. The advantage of being a sponsor
A. Enterprises are entitled to enjoy the synchronized promotion with exhibition
B. Introduce professional visitors to sponsor
C. Limited investment ,Unlimited profit
II. sponsors would enjoy the following benefits from us:
A.Special treatment
B. Promotion on the opening ceremony
C.Exhibition Advertisement
D.Advertisement on the Invitation letter
E.Catalogue advertisement 
F. Promotion on theWebsite
G.Media Advertisement    
I.Visit Ticket or Visit Card Advertisment
J.The best booth for sponsors
For more details, please inquire the organizing committee.
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Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C

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China Green Industry Association

China Health Care Nutrition Council

Green Industry International Association

China Old Age Nutrition and Food Specialized Committee

  • Organizer

Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Company

  • Co-Organizers

Beijing ECOCERT Certification Center Co., Ltd

Germany CERES (Shanghai) Certification Co., Ltd.



Name: Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co. Limited
Address: Rm 904, Unit 4, Building 1, Caiman Jie Financial Center, No.69, Chaoyang Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Tel: +86-10-8578 5006/07/08/09
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Official Website: Click to Visit
Official Website: Click to Visit

With exhibition, marketing, media, corporate planning, international cooperation departments, Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co., Ltd is specialized in organizing, carrying out international exhibitions and conferences.

Company Strength

Joined the exhibition industry, Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co., Ltd is an enterprise recognized by China Association for Exhibition Center and is an exhibitor of World Expo 2010 Shanghai. It has long and close relationship with exhibition industry, extensive and stable client network, punctual and accurate data gathering, rich and mature market planning as well as a team of young but experienced staff. Since its foundation, it has successfully held several international exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Shandong, etc. with help of related authorities.

Service Items

Services in Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co., Ltd range from project pre-research, approval and enforcement, planning and implement of large meetings, forums and corporate annual meeting, undertaking pre proposal of nationally large project and post-services of all kinds, booth design and making, organizing enterprises to participate exhibitions abroad and helping them extend overseas markets, organizing overseas enterprises to take part in exhibitions in China and enhancing internationally economic and technologic cooperation, planning and coordinating cooperation between local and global exhibition corporations and introducing overseas advanced exhibition techniques, to sign design, graphic design, image design and advertisement producing.   

Company Advantages

Directed always by market requirements, Beijing Shibolian abides its promise and faces competition bravely and respects each investment of exhibitors to improve Chinese exhibition industry to be better and to create the highest economic and social efficiency for the nation.


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