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CTEEXPO 2015 - Shanghai International Exhibition of Clothing Technological Equipment 2015



Shanghai International Exhibition of

Clothing Technological Equipment 2015

About the trade fair in China

CTEEXPO 2015 - Shanghai International Exhibition of Clothing Technological Equipment 2015, as a large-scale exhibition of clothing manufacturing equipments and application software, will be held on June 17-19, 2015 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, China.

Shanghai International Exhibition of Clothing Technological Equipment (CTEEXPO) is committed to establishing a platform for bridging technological equipment manufacturers to brand clothing enterprises and to promoting the clothing industry to achieve its upgrading and transformation.

Since its foundation, CTEEXPO have successfully achieved a multiple cases of supply and demand matches between brand clothing enterprises and equipment suppliers, and was responded enthusiastically in the industry. The professional brand clothing audiences of the previous events include large-scale garment production enterprises such as Youngor, Bosideng, HODO, Heilan, Sinoer, Ruyi, Baoxiniao, Sunshine, China Jianlu, TAL Group, Fujian Futian Garments Group, and Sumec.

Concurrently with:
OUE 2015 - The 3rd Shanghai International Occupational Uniform Exhibition 2015
Pants Expo 2015 - 2015 Shanghai International Pantsuit Expo
2015 The 2nd Shanghai International Jeans Garment Fair


Exhibitor's Profile
Exhibits Scope

Solutions of CAD/CAM Integration Technologies; 
Computerized Cutting Equipments; 
Automated Sewing Equipments;  
Intelligent Garment Production and Logistics Equipments; 
Smart Clothing Hanging Systems;            
Shop System of Clothing Customization;
Intelligent Embroidery Equipments; 
High-performance Ironing and Stereotyping Equipments; 
Preshrinking & Fusing Equipments;                  
Fully Automatic Printing Equipments; 
Automatic Seaming and Packaging Equipments; 
Uniform Washing Equipments;
Large Laser and Ultrasonic Equipments;  


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Shanghai AOZO Exhibition Service  Co. Ltd. is affiliated to Ling Shuo Group Holdings Limited member enterprises, the company main business is given priority to with international convention, operates mainly in China (Shanghai) international cutting tools and tool exhibition Shanghai International Garment Fair; occupation; Shanghai International Clothing Industry Fair; Guangzhou home furnishing Decoration Fair (Guangzhou fair).

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