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ES 2015 - Energy Show 2015


ES 2015

Energy Show 2015

About the trade fair in China

ES 2015 - Energy Show 2015 is scheduled to be held during Nov.3-7, 2015 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China.


Exhibitor's Profile

Exhibits Scope

Power stations, power station technology

1.1 Gas, coal and oil power stations

1.2 Nuclear power stations

1.3 Steam generating plants

1.4 Hot water generators

1.5 Heat pump and storage systems

1.6 Thermal power stations and systems for heat generation

1.7 Cogeneration plants for heat and electricity

1.8 Heat pump and storage systems

1.9 Thermal power stations and systems for heat generation

1.10 Cogeneration plants for heat and electricity

1.11 Cogeneration plants for area heating and electricity

1.12 Heat recovery systems

1.13 Hydroelectric power stations, hydroelectric power systems

Electricity generating sets

2.1 Turbine sets

2.2 Generator sets

2.3 Power generating sets with combustion engines

2.4 Steam turbines

2.5 Water turbines

2.6 Gas turbines for power engineering and thermal engineering

2.7 Steam motors

2.8 Diesel, gas- and petrol engines

2.9 Subsystems and components for power and heat technology

Control equipment, measurement and control equipment for power engineering

3.1 Measurement and automation systems for power engineering

3.2 Control Equipment for power engineering

3.3 Measuring and automation plants for heat distribution control

3.4 Measuring and automation plants for electric power distribution control

3.5 Measuring and automation plants for other applications

3.6 Metering technology

3.7 Remote control systems

Electrical energy conversion,distribution,storage

4.1 Electrical machines

4.2 Transformers

4.3 UPS technologies

4.4 Chargers

4.5 Rectifier/converter systems and equipment

4.6 Accumulators

4.7 Batteries

4.8 Electrical heating equipment

4.9 Appliances for energy conversion and storage; other

4.10 Switching equipment and systems, control equipment

4.11 Power switches, power switching, load switches, and busbars

4.12 Contactors and contactor combinations

4.13 Surge current and load relays

4.14 Explosion-protected switching devices and equipment

4.15 Low-voltage switchgear, low-voltage distributors and components

4.16 Power circuit breakers

4.17 Capacitors for heavy-current and low-voltage technology

4.18 Inductive resistors for applications in electrical energy equipment

4.19 Housings and 19” systems

4.20 Devices and components for electrical energy distribution; other

Regenerative primary energy sources, renewable energy

#Wind Power

5.1 Wind Generators
5.2 Wind Turbines

#Solar Energy

5.3 Solar Electric Power Systems
5.4 Solar Water Heating Systems
5.5 Photovoltaic Modules
5.6 Photovoltaic Module Mounting


5.7 Solar Electric Charge Controllers
5.8 Photovoltaic Cells
5.9 Solar Air Heating Systems
5.10 Solar Power Technology
5.11 Solar Facilities

#Water power

5.12 Hydro Energy System Components
5.13 Hydro Power Energy Systems


5.14 Biomass Energy Boilers
5.15 Biomass Energy System Components

#Tidal/Wave Energy

5.16 Geothermal energy
5.17Hydrogen technology
5.18 Fuel Cells
5.19 Renewable energies; other
5.20 Control equipment, measurement and control equipment for renewable energy
5.21 Consultancy, planning and projecting in the field of renewable energies
5.22 Finance services for renewable energies
5.23 Other services in the field of renewable energies

Energy transmission and conduction

6.1 Non-insulated conductors

6.2 Insulated power cables

6.3 Power cables

6.4 Power cable fittings

6.5 Powerline communication systems

6.6 Power plug devices and insulators

6.7 Sliding contact power supplies for moving loads

6.8 Moving cable power supplies for moving loads

6.9 Cable lying, storage and processing equipment


Power electronics

7.1 Devices and components used in power electronics

7.2 Batteries and switching regulator ICs

7.3 Transformers and components

7.4 Switchgear and control equipment

7.5 Industrial plug-in connectors

7.6 Switches for casings and operating panels

7.7 Special switches

7.8 Electromechanical and mechanical components

7.9 Components for power electronics; other




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