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AIPPE 2015 - Asia International Plastic Packaging Expo 2015


AIPPE 2015

Asia International Plastic Packaging Expo 2015

About the trade fair in China

AIPPE 2015 - Asia International Plastic Packaging Expo 2015 will be staged during Aug.6-8, 2015 at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)Beijing. The organizer is Shanghai Guantong Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.

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Exhibitor's Profile
Exhibits Scope:

I. Packaging Materials and Products
1. Film (coiled material), tubes and bags: various kinds of biaxially oriented film and bags (BOPP,BOPET,BOPA, BOPS, etc.); polypropylene film and bags; polyethylene film and bags; complex film, tubes and bags (dry compound, solvent-free compound, coextrusion lamination, extrusion compound, extruded coating and special compound) of various kinds of materials (plastic/plastic, aluminum/plastic, paper/plastic, braided fabric/plastic, etc.); various kinds of heat shrink film (BOF, PVC, PETG, PVDC, etc.); cold shrink film; stretch film; preservative film; protective film; biodegradation film and bags; pre-coating film, digital film and label film; adhesive sticker film; packaging film and bags of various functions.
2. Hollow containers, barrels and bottles, various kinds of hollow barriers; bottles and lids; trays (blow molding, injection and plastic uptake); boxes, cases, etc..
3. Plastic woven cloth, bags and packing belts; PP and PET woven cloth (bags); PP and PET woven cloth/BOPP and BOPET vacuum woven bags; PP and PET woven cloth/paper/PE bags and flexible freight bags; packaging of articles of everyday use, chemical products,electronic products,cements and other products and PET and PP packing belts.
4. Foam products, air cushion products and air inflation products: PS, PE, PP, PU, PVC, biological expanded plastics and products.
II. Machinery and Parts
1. Various kinds of plastics printing presses (gravure, flexographic plate, transfer print, thermoprint, tipping paper print, cigarette packaging print, etc.), corollary equipment (tipping paper print, cigarette packaging print, print quality test equipment, proofing press, printer, plate setter, rush plate press, platemaking equipment, whirler machine, developer, received side press, splitting machine, solvent recovery, etc.), corollary equipment and spare parts.
2. Various kinds of film blowing machines, hollow blow molding machines, bottle blowing machines, injection molding machines and rotational moulding make-up machines; PE, PP, PVDC, PVC and bioplastics film blowing machines; PE,PA, adhesive resin and coextrusion film blowing units; shrink film units (single blister, double blisters and triple blisters method)and corollary equipment; hollow blow molding machines; PET, PP, PE and high barrier coextrusion complex bottle blowing machines; rotational moulding make-up machines and matched spare parts (corona processors, film recycling machines, grinders, bag machines, splitting machines, pelletizers, etc.); injection molding machines, molds and spare parts of various models.
3. Extrusion, curtain coating, biaxially oriented and one-way stretch film, single layer and multilayer composite hoses, sheet units and corollary equipment: make-up machines of biaxially oriented film and one-way stretch film made of BOPP, BOPET, BOPA,BOPS and bioplastics; curtain coating, PP, PE, PET, PS, PVDC, PA, PE and bioplastics film; single layer and multilayer composite hoses (applied to medicare, daily use chemical, food, beverages and other fields), sheet units (plastic uptake machines, bead cutters, microtome, grinders, drying machines, etc.) and corollary equipment and spare parts.
4. Various kinds of compound machines and vacuum coating equipment: dry method compound, solvent-free compound, extrusion compound, coextrusion lamination (three, five, seven or nine layers), high barrier blow molding, thermal compounding, wet process compound, laminating/paper processing complete equipment and coating machines; curtain coating units and corollary equipment (various kinds of bag machines, plastic uptake machines, block presses, etc.) and spare parts; vacuum coating equipment (aluminum plating and silica plating)and spare parts.
5. Plastics braiding machines, drawbenches, circular weaving machines, heat sealing machines, high frequency heat sealing machines, sewing machines and spare parts.
6. Functional coating machines, coating machines, sealing-tape machines, foaming machines, calender and other plastics processing make-up machines, corollary equipment and spare parts.
7. Packing machines: intertwine and stretch wrapping machines, heat shrink packaging machines, vacuum shrink packaging machines, ink-jet printing machines and other packaging machinery.
III. Raw Materials, Auxiliary Materials and Accessory Agents
1. Raw materials: PP, PE, PET, PA, PS, EVA, EVOH, PVDC, PVC, PU, PC, adhesive resin, various kinds of composite packaging paper, etc..
2. Auxiliary materials: plastics printing ink, paper products printing ink, air brush ink, adhesive, pigment, color master batch, various kinds of functional mater batches, fortifier, elastomer, padding, degradation mater batch, etc..
3. Accessory agents: nucleating agent, protective agent, antistatic agent, antibacterial agent, fire retardant, lubricant, opening agent, releasing agent, etc..
IV. Testing and analytical equipment and instruments: gaschromatograph, mass spectrometer, air permeability tester, moisture-penetrability tester, heat-seal tester, thickness tester, tearability tester, electronic tension tester, friction stripping tester, falling dart impact tester, heat shrinkage tester, seal tester, torquemeter, initial lasting adhesive tester, electronic stripping tester, tackiness agent stretch and shear tester, standard light source friction testing machine, disk stripping tester, etc..
Miscellaneous: packaging design, packaging agency, packaging business, news media and technical cooperation


Name: Shanghai Guantong Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd
Address: Aquatic Road 2659, Shanghai Shihua International Plaza 20, Room 2003
Tel: +86-21-6276 8706 / 0609
Fax: +86-21-6276 9011
Official Website: Click to Visit

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