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2015 Wuxi Spring Fair - the 11th Wuxi Taihu International Spring and Processing Apparatus Fair

  • VENUE: Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center
    Location & Details of Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center
  • VENUE ADDRESS: No. 88 Qing Shu Road,Taihu New City, Wuxi.
  • ORGANIZER: Wuxi Sanjiaozhou International Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd
  • Contact:zoey
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: 0510-8232 2145, 8232 2142
  • Fax: 0510-8230 1731
  • CITY:Wuxi
  • INDUSTRY:Academy & Science
  • DATE: 2015/09/16 - 2015/09/19 Expired!


2015 Wuxi Spring Fair 

The 11th Wuxi Taihu International Spring and Processing Apparatus Fair

About the Fair

2015 Wuxi Spring Fair - The 11th Wuxi Taihu International Spring and Processing Apparatus Fair which is organized by Wuxi Sanjiaozhou International Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd., is to be held on september 16-19, 2015 at Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center.
Highlights of 2015 Wuxi Spring Fair:
Taking the latest equipment, products and new technology as hot;
Taking trade discussion and brand awareness promotion as aim ;
Taking the brand and well-known manufacturers as focus ;
Broadcasting at multi angle, all-round view by various media.


Vistor's Profile of 2015 Wuxi Spring Fair

Domestic and foreign dealers, agents, merchants and users of spring industry. And manufacturers, dealers, professional buyers, overseas traders, scientific research institutes and other related professional merchants of automobile industry, motorcycle industry, aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, railway manufacturing industry, electronic information industry, power generation industry, mould manufacturing and steel industry, building industry /agriculture, machinery industry, metallurgy, steel, mine, crane, transportation, pharmacy, food, environment, light power, electricity, petroleum, chemical, parking, printing, rubber and plastic, building, textile and tridimensional parking equipment.


The Exhibits Scope of 2015 Wuxi Spring Fair :
1. spring manufacturing technology and equipment:
computer spring machinery, computer compression spring machinery, spring machine, spring grinding machine, wire bending machine, spring coiling machine, grinding machine, plate spring quenching machine, eye coiling machine, leaf spring rolling mill, shot peening equipment and other kinds of special equipment;
2. all kinds of spring testing instruments and equipment:
spring testing machine, torsion spring testing machine, material testing machine, hardness tester, spring tension and compression testing machine ,gas spring characteristics testing machine, hot and cold testing equipment, anti-corrosion performance testing equipment, plate spring testing machine, fatigue testing machine, spring load sorting machine, polishing machine, inspection equipment and other special testing instruments;
3. the spring related products: 
auto spring, motorcycle spring, valve spring, clutch spring, damping spring, oil pump spring, High- temperature resistant spring, mould spring, hydraulic prop spring, hot coiling spring, leaf spring, disc spring, clockwork spring,missile shaped spring, etc.
4. supporting raw materials of spring and fastener production: 
wire, special steel, stainless steel, plates, pipes and other special materials.


Name: Wuxi Sanjiaozhou International Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd
Address: Room 1106, No 16, JieFang North Road, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-8232 2145; 8232 2142
Fax: 0510-8230 1731

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