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Best Wine China 2015 - 14th China (Shanghai) International Wine Expo 2015


Best Wine China 2015

14th China (Shanghai) International Wine Industry Expo 2015

Concurrently  with:

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Best Wine China 2015 - 14th China (Shanghai) International Wine Expo 2015 is an international communication platform of wine industry businessman and wine lovers, which will take palce during May 8-10, 2015 at Shanghai International Exhibition Center (Intex Shanghai), China.

13th China (Beijing) International Wine Industry Expo 2014 (Best Wine China 2014) covered the total exhibition area 7-of 15,000m² with 600 standard booths and luxury booths, including 420 domestic and 180 international booths. International exhibitors including Chateau Lafite Rothschil, Chateau Latour, Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Margaux, Hennessy, red wine, beer brands. Domestic wine brands including Moutai, Wuliangye, Shuijinfang,Xifengjiu, Mogao, Changyu, Greatwall, Xintian, Dynasty Wine, Tsingtao, Snow Flower, Budweiser, Zhujiang Beer, Yanjing Beer.

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Visitor's Profile
Target Visitors

1. The wine industry, traders and retailers: importers, wholesalers, sales representatives, specialty retailers, professional chain of retail stores.
2. Cafés, hotels and restaurants: major hotels and night clubs and (food and beverage managers, sommeliers), chain restaurants and chain hotels.
3. Clubs, apartments, resorts, clubs, KTV, sauna bath, bar, bath / foot center, SPA spa.
4. Large supermarkets and ordinary supermarkets: supermarkets and ordinary supermarket purchasing centers drink purchasing manager, manager of the wine industry.
5. Sommeliers, bartenders, wine appraisers, Chinese and Western chefs, snacks division, Western-style pastry, sweets production division, gourmet and so on.
6. Duty-free shops, luxury car owners, owners of luxury cars, top real estate owners, villas, luxury real estate owners, major luxury.
7. The brand VIP customers, the Bank’s International Bank VIP clients, insurance companies, VIP clients, securities companies VIP customers.
8. Foreign embassies and consulates in Shanghai institutions and corporate representatives.
9. Enterprises, business elite, white-collar workers, senior managers, government agencies and some lineup.


Exhibitor's Profile
Exhibits Scope

1. Imported wines: red wine, white wine, rose wine, ice wine, champagne, sparkling wine,porter,sherry,natural,liqueurs,vermouth,binuoliqueurs,spirits,whisky,brandy,vodka,gin,rum,agave liquor. sake, wine, beer and low alcohol(non-alcohol)
Coffee drinks
2. home made wine: white wine, wine, beer, liqueur, wine, ice wine, wine with milk, brandy, wine ,rice wine, fruit cordial, health wine
3. drink equipment: wine cellar, wine drinking vessel, wine packaging and storage technologies, wine books, wine pictures


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