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CIROS 2015 - China International Robot Show 2015


CIROS 2015

China International Robot Show 2015

About the trade fair in China

CIROS 2015 - China International Robot Show 2015 is the first robot trade show in China, which is going to be held during July 8-11, 2015 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) (NECC)China.

WIth the theme of "Promote the further development of robots industry, leading the manufacturing industry depth of change", China International Robot Show 2015 (CIROS 2015) will cover the exhibition area of 24,000 square meters, creating the best docking platform for all the robotics industry enterprises and the huge international market demand, exhibits will include the industrial robot body, parts, integrated application solutions and service robot technologies and products.


Exhibitor's Profile
Exhibits Scope

Industry Robots
★Industry Robots body: Multi degree of freedom robots, Parallel robots, Coordinate robots, Truss manipulator, Power-assisted manipulator;

★Application of the industrial robot products and solutions (special plane and Application Integration ): for welding, coating, rubberizing, stacking, transporting, assembling, measuring, sorting, packaging and other applications in the field of industrial robot products and solutions; for automobile, electron, food, pharmaceutical, logistics, ceramics, glass, mould plastic, hardware, tile, casting, chemical, textile, leather, aerospace, machine tool industry solutions.

★Industrial robot development platform and software technology: Operating system, development platform, simulation technology, testing technology and equipment, application software

★Industrial robot components and spare parts: Servo-drive system, controller, demonstrator, motor, reducer, sensors, machine vision systems, embedded system, robot claw, special tools and clamps.

★AGV, rail bound car

Service Robots
★Education service robot, household service robot, entertainment robot, underwater robot, military security robot, medical robot, environmental cleaning robot, bionic robot


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