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SIPPE 2015 - 10th International Petroleum Petrochemical Natural Gas Technology Equipment Exhibition


SIPPE 2015

10th International Petroleum Petrochemical

Natural Gas Technology Equipment Exhibition

As one of the most influential petroleum trade shows in China even in Asia, SIPPE 2015 - 10th International Petroleum Petrochemical Natural Gas Technology Equipment Exhibition will take place on Nov.24-26, 2015 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China.

Over the past 9 years, with the great support from domestic and overseas enterprises and industrial organizations, International Petroleum Petrochemical Natural Gas Technology Equipment Exhibition (SIPPE) has grown greatly in scale year after year, cumulative total 3,000 enterprises from over 50 countries and regions having participated in this exhibition. At the same time, SIPPE has also attracted over 200,000 professional audiences from over 50 countries and regions, cumulative trade total sum stands at $5 billion USD. ted audiences, 600 VIP procurement personnel and over 900 exhibitors across the world.

SIPPE 2014  attracted a number of famous enterprises from USA, Italy, Singapore, Germany, The Great Britain, France, Sweden, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong and China Mainland, including CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, ChemChina, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, Honghua Group, Lanzhou LS Heavy Equipment Corporation Ltd, Yantai Jereh, Shaanxi Drum for Engine Company Limited, Tianjin Sianjia Flow Control Systems, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Shandong Kerui, Kapor, Tianjing Denuo petroleum tube, Yantai CIMC Raffles, JIANGSU JINTONGLING, JUTAL OIL SERVICE, Inductotherm Group, CSSG, SEKO, HuBei Petrokh Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Fangzheng Valve, Panasonic, Pheonix Electric, Chongqing Sichuan Instrument Analytical Instrument , Beijing Jingyi, AFRISO, COSL Chmiecals, MeiHua Group, Fufeng Group, DEOSEN BIOCHEMICAL LTD ,Shaungguang Cable, Shandong Taihe Water Treatment, Weihai Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd, SAMSUNG、Gazprom、RosneftOil、NIOC、NIGC、National Petrochemical Company、NIORDC、Business Group、Pietro Fiorentini、Saudi Arabian Oil Co、SULZER、Total、 Fanavaran、Tencate、Intra Corporation、SANGBONG Corporation Intra Corporation、Armacel、 Raymonds、Oxford、 Crest、 Gates、Jotun、Tyco、 ACM、Fanavaran. Global Petroleum Petrochemical Industrial Enterprises showcased their latest technology and equipment, conducted trade and communication as well as developed business opportunities in this international arena.

In addition to the exhibitors, there were a lot of purchasing delegations from more than 20 countries including USA, Canada, Italy, Norway, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Iran, Korea, Pakistan, Nigeria came to visit the SIPPE exhibitions.

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Exhibitor's Profile
Scope of Exhibits

Petroleum Petrochemical Natural Gas Technology Equipment
■Oil and gas exploration, development and production equipment
■Geophysical surveying and drilling technology and equipment on-and off-shore
■Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas equipment manufacturing
■Worker protection and industrial safety suppliers, fire alarm equipment
■Automated technology, equipment and instruments
■Oil and gas pipeline construction engineering technology and equipment
■Generators and power equipment
■Industrial explosion-proof and mine-blasting products
■IEC electrical equipment, wire and cable products
■Petroleum and petrochemical technology research and laboratory equipment
■Petroleum refining process and technology
■Equipment overhaul, maintenance and management
■Fluid pumps, valves and compressors technology equipment
■DCS、PLC control systems and field bus
■Industrial cleaning and surface treatment technology anti-corrosion material and equipment
■Communications and information systems management, e-commerce

Offshore Oi l& Gas Technology Equipment
■Offshore Petroleum Equipment & Technical Service
■Digital logging
■Magnetic Technology Service and Consultation
■Drawings/Terrain Mapping Services
■Marine Engineering Equipment and Services
■Environmental Protection Equipment
■Generating Equipment
■Natural Gas and Pipeline Equipment
■Oilfield Construction Engineering Equipment
■Data Collection and Information Technology Services
■Down hole Drilling and Technical Equipment
■Oil and Gas Extraction Separation Equipment
■Refining and Chemical Industry
■Safety Devices and Equipment, Geophysical Exploration of Products and Services
■The Global Positioning System - GPS, Explosion Prevention Equipment
■The Helicopter/Aircraft Service
■Geological Chemical Service and Equipment
■Geology Research and Consulting
■Geophysical Information System ᾿GIS
■Communication Technology and Equipment
■Piping Cleaning Equipment and Technology
■Marine Equipment

Oil and Gas Pipeline & Storage Technology Equipment
■Pipeline steel, steel storage tanks, PE/PVC/CPVE pipes
■Seaborne oil and gas technology and equipment
■Fluid machinery, pumps, valves, meters and other measuring equipment
■Oil and gas extraction, storage and transportation technology and equipment
■Pipeline inspection, leak detection, cleaning equipment and non-excavation technology equipment
■Welding, cutting and sealing technology and equipment
■Various pipeline production machinery and auxiliary equipment
■Steel oil storage tanks and related technology
■Industrial products and mine-blasting
■Insulation, fire alarm, fire equipment and material
■Communication cables
■Anti-corrosion material and anti-fouling projects

Oil field chemicals:
■Drilling fluid chemical agent: filtrate reducer, tackifier, emulsifier, shale inhibitor, bridging particle, drilling fluid corrosive inhibitor, surface active agent, lubricating agent, bactericide, defoaming agent, flocculanting agent, calcium remover, PH value control agent, pipe free agent, temperature stabilizing agent, foaming agent, dispersing agent;
■Drilling cement additive: coagulant, retarder, defoaming agent, drag reducer, filtrate reducer, anti-fluid-channeling agent, external additive reducer, strength agent and weighting agent;
■Oil recovery agent: thickening agent, cross-linking agent, propping agent, gel breaker, filtration reducer, drag reducer, temperature stabilizing agent, discharge adding agent, bactericide, paraffin agent, sand prevention agent, descaling and antiscale agent, clay stabilized agent, metal corrosion inhibitor, floccuant, antiscale dispersing agent, germicide and algicide agent, steam injection chemical agent, acidification agent, sand stabilizing agent, tracer agent;
■EOR chemical agent: alkaline flooding agent, cosurfactant, high temperature foaming agent, miscible solvent agent, temperature control agent, sacrificial agent, thickening agent, thin film spreading agent, blocking remover, C8 waterproof damage flooding increasing agent;
■Gathering and transportation oil field agent: emulsion breaker, pour point agent, paraffin inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, bio-enzyme paraffin inhibitor, hydras inhibitor, crude oil defoaming agent;
■ Oil field sewege chemical agent: flocculant, corrosion inhibitor, descaling agent, germicide agent, flotation agent, deoxidant, clear fracturing fluid;
■Oilfield chemical new field: Nanometer augmented injection, microorganism-flooding, anti-wax remover, water treatment agent, bio-enzyme-blocking remover, anti-wax, molecular film flooding augmented injection;

Petroleum Petrochemical Automation & Instrument Exhibition:
■Industrial controlling computer, DCS and PLC control system, fieldbus technology and control system
■Advanced control and optimization control, optimizing management system and software
■Data collection, signal processing and information management system and equipment
■Sound, image and graphics manipulation and visualized computer equipment,
■Computers and the external devices, application software and software development tools,
■Enterprise information system software, ERP (enterprise resource planning system), intelligent factories and management network and intelligent pressure transmitter, MES (manufacturing execution system), the distributed control system (DCS), information management software and computer software, SCM (supply chain management), MDS (business decision-making system), e-commerce, and other electronic devices, communication, electric, etc.
■General analysis of test instruments, on-line analysis instruments, laboratory instruments equipment, Biochemistry Instrumenty, petroleum and chemical special equipment,
■Environmental quality and wastewater monitoring instruments, environment pollution emergent monitoring instruments, air quality and pollution sources waste gas monitoring instruments,
■Nondestructive testing instruments, physical test instrument and material testing machine, measurement and testing instrument, equipment diagnostic equipment,
■Industrial automation instrument and control system, electronic and electrical measurement instrument, sensors, UPS power, connectors,
■Instrument materials and components, sensitive components, measuring device, instrument technology and equipment and processing equipment, etc

Pump Vavle Compressor Exhibition:
centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, metering pumps, chemical pumps, oil pumps, process pumps, sewage pumps, vortex pumps, suction pumps, multistage pumps, corrosion resistant pumps, pneumatic pumps, pipeline pumps, pulp pumps, air pumps, liquid pumps, magnetic pumps, gear pumps, screw pumps, circular pumps, high viscosity pump, trash pump and other ancillary products;
gate valve, globe valve, throttle valve, instrument valve, plunger valve, plug valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, pressure reducing valves, safety valves, steam traps, control valves, drain valve, other special valves and accessory products;
miniature compressor, small air compressor, dedicated compressor (marine, small, high, medium pressure, etc.), motor compressors, screw compressors, rotary vane compressor (including Swing)diaphragm compressors, compressed air dryers, air separation machines, balancing machines, compressed air filters, air compressor parts, motors, etc. 


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