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BWT Expo 2015 - Shanghai Building Water, Water Treatment Technology and Equipment Expo 2015


BWT Expo 2015

Shanghai Building Water,

Water Treatment Technology and Equipment Expo 2015

Concurrently with:
UWT China 2015

BWT Expo 2015 - Shanghai Building Water, Water Treatment Technology and Equipment Expo 2015 will be staged during Sep.23-25, 2015 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China.

Last year, Shanghai Building Water, Water Treatment Technology and Equipment Expo 2014 covered the exhibition area of 8,000 square meters, displaying the most leading technologies and products in the building water industry. Meanwhile,  BWT Expo 2014 attracted 167 exhibitors from 11 countries and regions as well as 10,365 professional visitors attended to the international water trade show.


Exhibitor's Profile
Exhibits Scope

Water supply seystem
1; Pump: centrifugal pump with vertical axis; horizontal centrifugal pump; Pipeline centrifugal pump; Feed tank; Concealment type water tank;
2; Water supply equipment of add pressure: Frequency control water supply equipment; Pipe network pressure-superposed water supply equipment; Air supply air pressure water supply equipment; Diaphragm type air pressure water supply equipment; water-hammer arrestor
3; Water supply and water treatment equipment: grease trap; Activated carbon adsorption tank; Ultraviolet sterilizer; Chlorine dioxide generator; Sodium hypochlorite disinfection equipment; Electrolytic chlorine dioxide synergetic disinfectant generator;
4; Water processor: Electric sterilizer; Ozone generator; Water self cleaning sterilizer; Water softening apparatus;

Water Drainage system
1; Dredge pump: Automatic stirring submersible sewage pump; Without the automatic stirring submersible sewage pump; Community life sewage treatment equipment: Ultraviolet disinfection equipment; Biological contact oxidation complete sets of equipment; Air floatation equipment;
2; Reclaimed water system: Air floatation and filtration technology facilities; Membrane biological reactor treatment facilities;
3; Roof rainwater collecting device: Gravity type rain water bucket; Siphon rainwater collection system; Single stack drainage system;
4; Same layer drainage system; Water saving apparatus, tap; Bedpan;

Hot water system
1; Water heating equipment: plate heat exchanger; Volume type water heater; Half volume type water heater;
2; water heater; boiler: Fast gas water heater; Gas displacement type water heater; Instant heating type electric water heater; Water storage type electric water heater; A variety of hot water boiler;
3; Solar water heating system application technology: Full glass vacuum tube type solar heat collector; Flat plate type solar heat collector; Metal glass vacuum tube type solar heat collector; Household appliances drainage pipe;

Fire water supply system
1; Indoor and outdoor fire hydrant: Indoor fire hydrant and fire hydrant box; Outdoor fire hydrant; siamese connection;
2; Automatic sprinkler system: Wet alarm valve; Dry pipe valve; Pre action valve; Deluge alarm valves; Signal butterfly valve; Signal valve; Water flow indicator; blow head;
3; Gas fire extinguishing system: Low pressure carbon dioxide systems and components of high pressure carbon dioxide systems and components;
4; Fire pump; pressure tank: Pneumatic water supply equipment; Automatic constant pressure water supply equipment; Fire booster regulator of water supply equipment; Vertical fire pump; Horizontal fire pump: Large space intelligent active sprinkler system; Fire monitor extinguishing systems;

Special building water supply and drainage equipment
1; Water equipment: fountain; rainmaker; Landscape water treatment equipment;
2; Municipal water supply and drainage system: The municipal water supply network; Plastic inspection well; Various pipe fittings and dredge product;
3; Swimming pool equipment: Special swimming pool circulating pump; Integration filter pool; hair filter; Quartz sand filter/jar; kieselguhr filter; ozone generator system;

recirculating cooling water system
1; Cooling tower: Counter flow type cooling tower; Cross flow type cooling tower;
2; Circulating water treatment equipment: Electrostatic water processor; electronic hydrotreater; Internal magnetic water processor; Full processor; Fully automatic water softener;

Noise vibration isolation equipment
Vibration isolator: Shear type rubber vibration isolator; Rubber isolation pad; Spring vibration isolator; Flexible rubber joint;
Pipes and fittings
1; Metal pipe: Thin walled stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, construction of casting ductile iron pipe
2; Plastic water supply pipe: Rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U; tube; Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C; tube; Acrylic copolymer of polyvinyl chloride (AGR; tube; Polyethylene (PE; tube; Acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene (ABS; tube; Polybutylene (PB; tube; Crosslinked polyethylene (PE-X; tube, Heat resistant polyethylene (PE ~ RT; pipes; Aluminum plastic composite pressure pipe;
3; Plastic drainage pipe: Buried unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U; reinforced pipe; Rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U; solid wall drainage tube, Core layer foaming rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U; tube; Polyethylene (PE; double wall corrugated pipe, Polyethylene (PE; winding structure wall pipe, Polypropylene mute drainpipe; Reinforced polypropylene (FRPP; pipe, Glass fiber reinforced plastic mortar (RPM; tube; Underground drainage with steel reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe (PE; , Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C; tube
4; Multiunit pipe: Plastic composite pipe, lining plastic composite pipe; Stainless steel lined composite steel pipe, Steel wire skeleton plastic (PE; composite pipe;
5; Special pipe fittings: Floor drain, Plumbing fixture, Waterproof leakage, Waterproof casing;
6; Insulation, Condensation prevention: Foam rubber products (PVC/NBR; ; Rock wool, Slag wool products, Glass wool products, Phenolic foam products (PF; ; Polyethylene foam products, Electric heat tracing system;

Valve; Instrument
1; Valve: Restriction valve, Regulation valve , Safety valve, Special type valve, Fire special valve
2; Instrument:Cold water meter, Hot water meter, Water meter, IC card water meter;

Water treatment equipment
1; Disinfection: Activated carbon adsorption tank, Ultraviolet disinfection, Chlorine dioxide generator; Electrolytic chlorine dioxide synergetic disinfectant generator, Electrolytic sodium hypochlorite generator; Processor, Electric sterilizer, Self-cleaning disinfector for water tank;
2; Water processor: Full processor, Automatic softener;
3; Building and drinkingwater system: Supply water purification system; Direct drinking water system; Terminal net water, household drinking water filtration system


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