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Roof China 2012, Guangzhou









With the promotion of Chinese Urban Construction and the rapid growth of industrial and architecture investment, the apply and popular of roofing, facade and waterproofing material and technology is more and more spread. Chinese building market and industry development is accelerating continuously, which will bring more business opportunities to roof and facade professionals.

The special industrial features, such as advocation about low carbon and green construction, more Chinese roof,facade and waterproof industrial attention and support by government, speed step of urban construction, optimizing of new industrial structure and innovation of material and technology and so on, will create the platform for enterprises to face the challenges and opportunities in roof industry.

Roof China 2012 will be held in the same largest modernized China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex in Asia, which adds the facade material and technologies as one of the new exhibition scope to show more new products for meeting some exhibitors' and marketing request. What's more, our exhibition will meet more and more global and domestic brands,buyers and professionals with other concurrent events for celebrating the construction feast in China.

After the 1st roof events, 65% of our exhibitors appreciated the exhibition effects and services and stated that would like to continue to be our exhibitors. 70% of our visitors also would like to attend our exhibition for different business purpose. Hence, we will invite and estimate that 100 exhibitors including 15 global brands and  6,500 visitors including 1000 overseas visitors and will exhibit more variety of roofing & facade and waterproof products in ROOF CHINA 2012.

Ever missed ROOF CHINA 2011
You can’t miss ROOF CHINA 2012 for boundless business opportunities!





 March 7th-8th , 2012


Exhibitor Move in/Registration

 ( Rent,display,exhibitors card,etc)

 March 9th ,2012



 March 10th,2012



 March 11th , 2012



 March 11th , 2012


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Event Contacts:
Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
Add: 802B, Jiayue Building, No.38 Zhongshan Mid Avenu, Guangzhou, 510660, China
Contact Person:  Mr.Adrian Chan / Ms Sophie Choi
Tel: +86-20-22101419 /22071817
Mobile: +86 13631371795 /13538965476
Fax: +86 20 82579220



Roof & Facade

·Waterproof Materials, Membrane ,Coating ,etc 

 Modified asphalt waterproofing membrance including SBS/APP modified bitumen membrane, glass fiber padding, metal foil memberance, etc;

 Single layer and high polymeric memberance  including PVC, EPDM, CPE, HDPE, TPO, single layer and high polymeric sheet roof coverings , etc;

·Sealing Material

 Including silicone, polysulfide, polyurethane,  asphalt-based sealant, etc;

·Planted Roof Products / Systems Engineering/Green Roof

 Puncture resistance root-resistant waterproof material, wick drain, metal alloy waterproofing membrance,Planted roof systems, etc.

·Thermal Insulation Material

 Building insulation system: various types of exterior insulation system materials, external wall insulation system materials, automatic external wall insulation system materials, roofing insulation system and relative components, adhesive,etc;

·Roofing & Facade Technology and System

 Including Metal ,Solar ,Downspout,Waterproof,Various types of photovoltaic material and rooftop photovoltaic system including solar roofing systems,etc

·Variety of Roofing Tiles

·Relative Components & Accessories or Equipments, Systems and Technologies


Name: Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
Address: Room 2303-2305,the 4th Tower, Dong Jun Plaza, No.836 of Dong Feng Dong Road, Yuexiu District,Guangzhou, China (510080)
Tel: +86-20-2331 8547 / 2831 4758
Fax: +86-20-8257 9220
Official Website: Click to Visit

Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group dedicates itself in providing and promoting Trade and Consumer Events, Global Summits, Professional Trainings, Business-to-Business Intelligence Publications, Strategic Business Conferences and On-line Events. Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group is cooperated with over 850 associations, media, exhibition organizers and business company. Every year we provide services to 56 events in 8 countries, bringing together about 1 million active event participants worldwide. With over 300 employees in 8 offices around the globe we serve 26 industries worldwide. Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group is not just about organizing events. Our role is that of a relationship broker - identifying, targeting, attracting and matching the needs of buyers and suppliers. We aim to maximize business and networking opportunities through associated conferences, features, events and sponsorship opportunities.

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