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CFF 2015 - Shenzhen International Funeral and Cemetery Expo 2015


CFF 2015

Shenzhen International Funeral and Cemetery Expo 2015

Concurrently with:

CTSE 2015 - Shenzhen International Tombstone and Stone Expo 2015

About the trade show in China

As the first and the biggest Funeral Exhibition in China, CFF 2015 - Shenzhen International Funeral and Cemetery Expo 2015 which is organized by Guangzhou O’sade Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., will take place in conjunction with CTSE 2015 - Shenzhen International Tombstone and Stone Expo 2015 during June 10-12, 2015 at China Asia Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China.

With more than 200 million older people of  this 21st century, China has the biggest market in global aging population. 

2015 Shenzhen International Funeral and Cemetery Expo (CFF2015) aims to provides a platform to eastern and western funeral industry for international communication and cooperative trading. CFF will not only advocate the new idea of green funeral, technological funeral, sunny funeral and human funeral, but also promote the new technology and philosophy.
CFF 2015 will be expected to have more than 30 countries and regions visiting groups with over 10,000 visitors to the exhibition.  
Reasons to Exhibit

1. Attract large numbers of new professional customers, win high turnover.

2. Own more than 10,000 professional customer resources at home and abroad, potential customers will be invited to visit the exhibition.

3. Competitive Advantage--displays the image and strength, shape brand and increase the core competitive power of enterprises.

4. More with less--contact with potential customers face to face, learn about the latest innovations, new products and funeral service trends of mainland China.

5. Study form of competition helps to develop both short-term and long-term planning.

6. The best time and platform for customers to perceive service.

7. Widen company force via much media attention.

8. A good opportunity to release new products and make market promotion.


 A special exhibition areas of cemetery and funeral services will be opened for CFF-2015  and It is free to visit.


Visitors Profile of CFF  2015

Professional Visitors and Buyers Funeral home, funeral service company, decision makers, agents, distributors, traders, project development and investment units, engineering and technical personnel , consultants, etc. International Procurement Platform & Buyer-Matching International group visitors from USA, France, UK, Australia, Germany, Pakistan, Colombia, Philippines, Netherlands, Indonesia, Ireland, Singapore, South Africa, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Belgium, Cambodia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and so on. Series of value-added services help to explore global business opportunities. Work together with professional associations and government agencies to upgrade brand benefit. Series of marketing promotion plans expand brand influence. Powerful online marketing broadly expands business opportunities. Online Biz Matching helps to contact with the target consumers in advance. Onsite Biz Matching allows you negotiate with more customers directly. Value-added packages -- fit your budget.


Exhibits Scope of CFF 2015
Casket & Urn
Casket made of metal, solid wood, crystal, paper, gold, bamboo and other advanced materials; Urn made of metal, wood,stone, gold, titanium and others.
Monument & Stone
Chinese, European, Japanese, American, Art, Granite, Marble, Fashioned tombstone, Monument products, Necessary tombstone products, Garden landscape stone, Slate, Tombstone vitrotype, Vitrotype equipment, Tombstone carving
equipment, Stone processing equipment and Raw materials.
Cemetery, Cemetery sculpture, Cemetery building, Cemetery products, Cemetery Buddha, Cemetery protection, etc.
Equipment & Machinery
Embalming equipment, Cremation equipment, Cold storage equipment, Morgue equipment, Protective clothing, Excavation equipment, Disaster pouches/Human remain bags, Cosmetics, Stone working machines, Incineration equipment, Funeral
vehicles, etc.
Keepsake & Memorial Products
Jewelry, Garment, Painting/Painting, Handcraft, Paper products, Diamond, Pet funeral products, Candles, etc.
Technology & Services
Embalming technology, Repatriation services, Cemetery services, Computer and website services, Cremation services,
Purification, Pre-planning and other consulting services.
Accessories & Materials


Paper, Fabric, Plastics, Chemicals and Timber.



Name: Guangzhou O’sade Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 510,HaoMingGe,MingMen Building,No.6 HuaCheng Road, Zhujiang Newtown,Guangzhou 510610,China
Tel: +86-20-3889 6896
Fax: +86-20-3828 3797
Official Website: Click to Visit
Official Website: Click to Visit

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