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ERE 2015 - 2015 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo


ERE 2015

2015 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo

About the trade fair in China

ERE 2015 - 2015 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo will be staged on Sep.14-16, 2015 at China (Beijing) National Agriculture Exhibition Center (CNAEC).

During 2015 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo (ERE 2015) ((((eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeExhibitorExhibitorExhibitorExhibitorExhibitorexhibitors and attendees in emergency management and disaster industry will be expected from Asia, Europe and North America! In addition, ERE 2015 will be accompanied by a high level international conference, bringing in global experts from around the world!


Visitor's Profile

Who should visit ERE 2015:
Chief Emergency Management
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Fire Department
Chief Technology Officer
Communications Planner
Coordinator - Urban Search and Rescue
Coordinator, Emergency Management Programs
Director of Public Sector
Company President
Emergency Management Director
Epidemic Specialists
Executive Director
Business Continuity Manager
Housing Inspector
Manager of Crisis & Disaster Operations
Mass Care/Emergency Assistance members
University Policy Analyst
Government Policy Analyst
Project Manager
Regional Director
Purchasing Director/Manager
Emergency Response Coordinator
Section Chief, Safety & Emergency Management
Director Restoration Division


Exhibits Scope
I) Disaster Rescue Equipment and Technology:

1. Rescue equipment:
Remote sensing equipment, UAV detection systems, life detector, blasting equipment, fire extinguishing systems and components, rescue vehicles, emergency lighting equipment, thermal imaging devices, air breathing apparatus, searching equipment, rescue equipment, rescue audio and video monitoring systems, rescue boats, life jackets, respirators, rescue helicopters, maritime rescue, rescue warning signs, etc.

2. Emergency Rescue Engineering:
Large excavators, break-in tools, power distribution vehicles, repair vehicles and other special vehicles, lifting machines, support equipment, rehabilitation equipment.

3. Supporting equipment:
Storage vehicles, command vehicles, emergency command and dispatch platform, emergency rescue command system, camping vehicles, fire detection and alarming equipment, fixed fire emergency luminaries and fire protection masks, fume extractors, water treatment systems, and various environmental technologies and so on;

4. Communications and informatin products & technology:
Satellite communication stations, shortwave radio, mobile emergency communications vehicles, emergency communication network systems, video conferencing systems, mobile video technology, satellite navigation systems, etc.;

5.  Emergency medicine and epidemic prevention:
On-site sampling supplies, disaster relief medicines, hospital emergency services, medical and first-aid equipment, first-aid kits, ambulance, hygiene and anti-epidemic vehicles and services;

II) Disaster prediction, detection technology and equipment:
Disasters (including earthquakes, meteorological disasters, marine disasters, floods, droughts, fires, etc.) early warning, prevention, measurement, testing equipment and application technology; food safety monitoring equipment, air testing equipment, social and public health, production safety, nuclear security technology and equipment.

III)  Relief stockpile and emergency supplies for public disaster mitigation:
Tents, cotton-padded clothes, quilts, food, drinking water, medical and first-aid supplies, communications equipment supply, lighting, heating, self-rescue and escape tools, supplies for head protection, eye protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, arm protection, body protection, leg protection, fall protection, skin protection, and other protective equipment.

IV) Safety protection technology and equipment:
Safety technology and equipment for nuclear facilities, nuclear spill prevention and post-disaster emergency rescue; personal protective equipment, security equipment for financial systems, fire-fighting and rescue equipment, anti-terrorism equipment, police equipment, multi-purpose vehicles, production safety detection equipment, security facilities, mechanical security systems, surveillance systems, special security vehicles, and etc.

V) New artificial influence-on-weather systems and related facilities

VI) Post-disaster Reconstruction related industries:
State-of-the-art technology, disaster prevention and mitigation programs, design, urban emergency systems, insurance companies, banks, international aid agencies, relief organizations, disaster prevention drills.


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