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CILFE 2015 - 2015 the 7th China (Beijing) International Leisure Food and Imported Food Expo


CILFE 2015

2015 the 7th China (Beijing)

International Leisure Food and Imported Food Expo

Aims to create the international trade platform for China's high-end leisure foodCILFE 2015 - 2015 the 7th China (Beijing) International Leisure Food and Imported Food Expo will be staged during July 3-5, 2015 at China National Convention Center (CNCC)Beijing.

China (Beijing) International Leisure Food and Imported Food Expo (CILFE ) builds up an international platform for the rapid entry of leisure food and imported food into the market. During CILFE, the products which are exhibited by the exhibitors complies with the industrial development tendency, and facilitates the comprehensive and deep trade negotiation between the supplier and provider.

CILFE 2015 will attract many of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, agents, supermarkets and government procurement departments in the food industry to visit the exposition for negotiation and orders, and provide a more comprehensive and competitive exhibition platform for food enterprises to complement each other.

Advantages of CILFE
The most attractive city:
As the largest political and economic center in China, Beijing has become the largest exhibition city. The professional exhibition in Beijing will have a worldwide effect. As headquarters of Fortune 500 Enterprises, CILFE in Beijing will attract more domestic and foreign distributors.
The highest level of exhibition center:
Adjacent to the main venue for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games the bird's nest, the best gathering place of consumption in Beijing, major hotels around the core of the site.
High-level communication platform:
The simultaneous industrial development forum will provide solutions for the sustainable development of the enterprise.
Huge audience database:
The database of 50,000 professional audience proficient in the development of the leisure food industry is the powerful guarantee for the exhibition effects of the exhibitors.

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Exhibitor's Profile:
Leisure food: Jelly, puffed food, biscuits, leisure vegetarian food, convenience food, canned food, bean products, preserved fruits, bee products, leisure fish (meat) products, coffee, tea and drink, etc.
Candies: Chewing gum, soft sweets, lollipops, toffees, bonbons, officinal candies, functional candies, etc
Chocolates: Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and organic chocolate, etc.
Imported food, fast food, non-fried food, potato products and frozen food, etc.
Dairy products: Lactobacillus products, yogurts and fruity milk products, etc.
Baked food: Cookies, bread and moon cakes, etc.
Dried fruits and nuts: Preserved fruits, melon seeds, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pine nuts, chestnuts, pistachio nuts and hazel nuts, etc.
Raw materials and additives
Food processing and packaging equipment: Processing equipment, packaging machinery, code printing equipment, packaging materials and food detection equipment, etc.


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