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WPC 2015 - PCS World Pathology Conference 2015

  • VENUE: The Landmark Hotel & Towers, Beijing
    Location & Details of The Landmark Hotel & Towers, Beijing
  • VENUE ADDRESS: 8 North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang District,Beijing 100004, China
  • ORGANIZER: Pioneer Century Science Limited (Shenyang) (PCS)
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • Contact:Shirley Wang
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-24-3193 0319
  • Fax: +86-24-8608 5759
  • CITY:Beijing
  • INDUSTRY:Medical Science & Medicine
  •  Conference & Summit / Congress
  • DATE: 2015/08/08 - 2015/08/09 Expired!


WPC 2015

PCS World Pathology Conference 2015

With the theme of "Novel Pathway for Major Diseases Diagnosis", WPC 2015 - PCS World Pathology Conference 2015 will be staged on Aug.8-9, 2015 at The Landmark Hotel & Towers, Beijing, China.

PCS World Pathology Conference 2015 (WPC 2015) will provide an exciting scientific program to explore the latest findings in pathology, including Clinical Practice in Major Diseases, IT Pathology, Advanced Technologies and  Industrial Application. WPC 2015 will attract over 100 renowned speakers from more than 20 countries to take part in this fantastic conference.



PCS World Pathology Conference – 2015
August 8-9, Beijing, China
Place: Beijing, China
Date & Time Aug. 7
Day 1, Aug. 8 
Day 2, Aug. 9 
08:30-12:30 Registration Keynote Forum and Plenary Room 2-1 
Session 1-4: Gynaecological Pathology 
Session 1-5: Cardiovascular Pathology 
Session 1-6: Digestive Diseases Pathology
Room 2-2
Session 3-1: Cytopathology
Session 3-2: Molecular Pathology
Room 2-3 Chinese Forum 4: Case Study (病理分析)
12:30-13:30 Lunch 
Session 4-1: New Technology and Product Application
Session 4-2: Case Study and Workshop
Forum 5: Products Show Case (产品推介) Forum 5: Products Show Case (产品推介)
13:30-18:30 Room 2-1
Session 1-1: Oncologic Pathology
Session 1-2: Breast Pathology 
Session 1-3: Infectious Diseases Pathology
Room 2-1 
Session 1-7: Hematopathology
Session 1-8: Dermatopathology 
Session 1-9: Head and Neck Pathology
Room 2-2 
Session 1-10: Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology
Session 1-11: Oral Pathology 
Session 1-12: Pathology Application for Others Diseases
Room 2-3
Chinese Forum 1: Clinical Practice and Policy  (临床应用与政策论坛)
Chinese Forum 2: IT Pathology (信息技术论坛) 
Chinese Forum 3: Advanced Technologies (前沿技术论坛)
Room 2-3
Track 2: IT Pathology
Session 3-3: Genomics and 
Proteomics in Pathology
Session 3-4: Breakthrough of Frontier Technologies
18:30 Welcome Banquet  



Name: Pioneer Century Science Limited (Shenyang) (PCS)
Address: No. 134, Changjiang Road, Huanggu District, Shenyang, China
Tel: +86-24-3193 0319
Fax: +86-24-3193 0319

Pioneer Century Science (PCS) is a high-end platform for fostering technological innovation and new ideas exchanging. As the world leading scientific community, we encourage all scientists, experts, scholars and other professionals to use Pioneer Century Science as a unique vehicle for expanding your further research and cooperation from all over the world.

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