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China International Regimen(Healthcare) Expo 2011 (CIRE 2011)

  • VENUE: China National Convention Center (CNCC)
    Location & Details of China National Convention Center (CNCC)
  • VENUE ADDRESS: No.7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
  • ORGANIZER: Beijing United Beauty Sci&Tech Development Co.,Ltd
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • Contact:Freya Lu
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86 10 5979 2573 ext.8015
  • Fax: +86 10 5979 2573 ext.8001
  • CITY:Beijing
  • INDUSTRY:Health & Medicine
  •  Medical Science & Medicine
  •  Herbal, Nutrition, Organic & Natural Products
  • DATE: 2011/11/06 - 2011/11/08 Expired!



China International Regimen(Healthcare) Expo 2011 (CIRE 2011)
★Expo Review:
The last China International Regimen Expo (Beijing)  attracted more than 200 exhibitors from 5 countries and 34 Chinese provinces or regions. The foreign exhibitors reached 8. The exhibition area covered more than 10,000㎡. 23 embassies to China and 16,42 (15,876 Chinese, 547 foreigners) professional visitors from 15 countries have witnessed unprecedented event together! The expo has reached professionalization, internationalization, brandization. With the improvement of service quality and management level, under the support of professionals, the regimen expo will become the biggest Asian expo with best effect and most popular event in health field.
★Why Exhibition is held in Beijing?
Beijing---the capital city of China, its function is very different from other capitals in the world. The capital is only an executive center in many countries, it is not an economy center. To most of westerners’ mind, Shanghai is the only economy and commerce center in China, however, it is not the truth, they forgot Beijing is another economy center in China too.On the other hand, for the maket share, almost all high-end consumers are gathered in Beijing because Beijing is centers of politics, economy, culture, education, technology, tourism, transportation, army in China. According to the newest data from State Statistics Bureau, there are 35% Chinese billionaires in Beijing, 27% in Shanghai. Even the same income, consumption power are very different in Beijing and Shanghai because their different cost of living and price. For instance, Shanghai hotel price is 50% higher than Beijing ones in the similar region, Shanghai transportation cost is 20% than Beijing too. However, there is not much income difference between habitants of two cities. 27 million habitants, plus Tianjin habitants(Tianjin- the third biggest city in China, half an hour train distance to Beijing), plus other habitants in vicinity ciities, there are more than 100 million habitants here. In addition, there are 600,000 out-in flows of population everyday in Beijing. Huge population, strong consumption power ensured Beijing covers more than 1/3 market shares in China. That is to say, the biggest consumption market in Beijing and its vicinity. Regimen is based on the income of habitants and their idea. Therefore, Beijing is the best choice to hold expo for us!
★Our services:
1. Each booth has uniform shaped decoration with provision of hoarding, fascia, carpet, two spotlights, one waste basket, one 220V outlet, one table and two chairs;
2. The hotel, China travel and return air ticket will be arranged for the international exhibitors;
3. The Fair provides free publicity services for the exhibitors. The Fair Publication with imported color coated paper will be given to the exhibitors for free with a list of beauty salons, cosmetics and beauty equipment dealers, vendors of main cities in China. Exhibitors must provide company and product information of about 300 words before the deadline of Oct. 15th , 2011
4. The free gift includes the official Website ( – three issues of advertisement and soft-text publicity, which will be published at the same time on the largest fitness website in China – Soosou .com
5. The Organizing Committee is responsible for publicity at large quantities of websites and media to assist exhibitors in sales and marketing in China market.
6. The Organizing Committee sets up for display areas for foreign exhibitors to promote their products; it is responsible for the invitation of China's large domestic buyers. 10-15 minutes promotion is available for each exhibitor. If the exhibitor needs the disply, please send its presentation schedule to the Organizing Committee in advance for time arrangement. It will be regarded a waiver if nothing is received at the due time.
7. The Organizing Committee sets up a VIP meeting area for the international exhibitors for free. This area with free tea, coffee and others available is for the exhibitors and Chinese buyers to have a business talk.
8. The Organizing Committee together with ISFA establishes an After-sale Support Center for international exhibitors. As for after-sale services for products and equipment sold or ordered at this Fair, the association will help Chinese users to contact directly with foreign manufacturers to users’ satisfaction.
9. Five tickets for the International Obesity Academic Forum are provided as a free gift with five minute talk for technical experts and R&D staff participants to have academic exchanges with China experts, companies and media.
10. If exhibitors need translator, reception services or participation other business activities, please contact the Organizing Committee two weeks in advance.
11. We will invite 1-2 senior executive(s) of each exhibitor to experts Seminar.
★Participation in award discussion, winning market honor, expanding market shares:
All customers can participate in award selection. "Gold Medal","Top10 brands”, "appointed products, recommended products, science&technology innovation, marketing innovation" awards are set during Expo. (For more details, inquire organizing committee please!)
Expo Opening Ceremony and Awarding Ceremony
Beijing International Regimen Conference
China Regimen Culture Grand Ceremony, 2011
China Health Regimen Industry Honor List
New Era China Health Regimen Development Achievement Show
Articles Collection and Awards Selection Activity for Beijing International Regimen Conference
Franchise Fair of National Regimen Healthcare Characteristic Project
China Health Regimen Industry Report,2011
China Regimen Healthcare Industry Summit
China Professional Regimen Industry Development Achievements Review Show
Certification Training for Healthcare Regiment Industry Professionals 
China Healthcare Industry Celebrities and Enterprises Show
Freya Lu
Project Manager
Beijing United Beauty Sci&Tech Development Co.,Ltd
Add: F6, Shengjie Business Building, No.16 XiBaHeBeiLi, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R.China.
Post Code: 100028


I. Chinese Medicine Store, Chinese Medicine Hospitals, Chinese Regimen SPA, Chinese Medicine Wholesalers, Medicine Agents, Distributors, Chinese Therapy Institutions, Research Institutions, Relevant Governmental Divisions

II. Distributors, Agents, Resellers, Suppliers, Trading Companies, Health Food Supply Center With Good Fame and Sales Network End. Professional Health Food Wholesale Markets, Huge Supermarkets, General Merchandise Markets, Pharmaceutical Business Groups, Green And Healthcare Food Chains and Shoppes, Life Nourishing Clubs, Health Management Chain Institutions, Private Clubs, Community Chain Supermarkets and 24 Hour Stores;
III. Psychology Health Hospitals, Research Institutions, Psychology Intervention Center, Psychology Consulting Institutions
IV. All Kinds Of Entertainment Clubs, Spa, Nursing Home, Tourism Resorts, Bodybuilding Centers, Outdoors Organizations, Entertainment Buyers, Distributors, Agents, Therapeutic Instruments Manufacturers and Its Distributors& Agents.
V. Beauty Cosmetics Manufacturers, Distributors, Agents and Institutions.
VI. Buyers to China, Import-Export Trading Companies, Business Divisions of 130 Embassies, 50 Offices of Provinces, SASAC Officials, Seniors’ Home, Resorts, Technology Staff and Administrators of Research Institutions and Nutrition and Health Food Enterprises.
VII.Related Persons-In-Charge of Procurement, Group Purchasing Websites, Media, Officials, Associations, International Institutions, Commerce Chambers or Businessman Groups.


Chinese Medicine Regimen Products, Healthcare Therapy Products, Acupuncture Massage Products, Characteristic Clinic, Chinese Medicine Bath, Chinese Barbecue Heal, Flavors And Frangrances, Chinese Medicine And Biological Beauty Products, Bodyshapping, Health Shapping Products, Chinese Meidicinal Cosmetics, Chinese Medicinal Oil And Cream, Chinese Medicinal Nutrition And Supplements, Acupuncture Chnannel And Massage Instruments, Chinese Medicinal Nursing Apparatus, Minority Bequeath Medicinal Bath, Chinese Medicinal Detoxifying, Chinese Medicinal Cosmetic Technology, Hair-Growth Products, Essential Oil, Foot Bath Therapy, Foot Treatment Medicinal Bath Products.

II. Dietary Regimen, Regimen Tea, Regimen Water, Regimen Wine, Regimen Drinks, Regimen Food, Medicinal Dietary Supplement Treatment, Nutrients, Nutritious Products, Health Food, Green Food, Organice Food, Natural Food, Sport Nutritional Food, Fortified Food, Secured Food And Drinks, Healthcare Drinks, Healthcare Tea, Healthcare Wine, Healthcare Endocrine Products, Functional Food, Stomach Intestines Food, Anti-Aging Food, Immunity Food, Bee Products, Halobios Products.
III. Psychological Treatment, Music Treatment, Psychotherapy, Regimen Psychological Healthcare Products.
IV. Sport Healthcare Regimen Devices, Healthcare Regimen Club, Body Building Sites, Massage Equipments, Body Examination And Check Instruments, Sports Club,
I. Therapeutic Instruments, Massage Instruments, Recovery Treatment Instruments, Multi-Functional Devices, Yoga Goods, Electronic-Magnetic Products, Sub-Health Test Instruments.
V. Chinese Medicine Regimen Beauty Enterprises, Tourism Regimen, Living Regimen, Culture Regimen, Regimen Institutions, Mineral Spring Spa,Spa Equipments, Nursing Products, Aromatherapy, Mineral Mud, Seaweed, Sea Salt, Water Treatment Project, Bath Devices, Bathroom, Saunas Equipments, Foot Treatment Serials, Bath Healthcare Products.
VI. Channels Pat,Cupping Glass, Skin Scraping,Artemisia,Health Care Books, Regimen Calligraphy and Paintings, Eco-household products,Vision Regimen Breathing Technique Therapy, Regimen Chain Stores,Health Care Center,Aged Activity Center,Health Care Research Institute,Massage House, Health Consulting Service Institute, Health Chain Stores,Education Training, Cultural Magazine
VII.Fitness Chain Enterprises, Research Institutions, Manufacturer and Agent, Fitness Instruction, Fitness Plan, Health Products, Slimness Instrument, Fitness Equipment, Fitness Underwear, Weight Loss Training School, Professional Beauty Skin Care Products, Cosmetic, Chinese Medicine and Make Up Scientific Institutions, Salon Chain Store, Medicinal Herbs and Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology.
VIII.The Well-Known Enterprises Of Health Care And Fitness, Daily Chemicals, Cosmetics, Care Products, Regimen Administrative Center, Daily Chemical Washing and Production Equipments, OEM, ODM, Package Device and Raw Materials Supplier Etc.


Name: Beijing United Beauty Sci&Tech Development Co.,Ltd
Address: F6, Shengjie Business Building, No.16 XiBaHeBeiLi, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R.China.
Tel: +86 10 5979 2573 ext.8015
Fax: +86 10 5979 2573 ext.8001
Official Website: Click to Visit

Beijing United Beauty Sci&Tech Development Co.,Ltd

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