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PaperChem China 2015 + Tech - 2015 10th China Exhibition on Paper, Paper Chemicals and Paper Machinery


PaperChem China 2015 + Tech

2015 10th China Exhibition

on Paper, Paper Chemicals and Paper Machinery

PaperChem China 2015 + Tech - 2015 10th China Exhibition on Paper, Paper Chemicals and Paper Machinery is to be held on Oct.28-29, 2015 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, China.

The exhibition products of 2015 10th China Exhibition on Paper, Paper Chemicals and Paper Machinery (PaperChem China 2015 + Tech) will include: starch, sizing agent, water-soluble polymer polymers, functional paper chemicals, paper process chemicals, fillers, coating chemicals, adhesives and other paper chemicals, etc. 


Scope of Exhibition
Modified starch, polyacrylamide and poly(ethylene oxide) are the three most important exhibits of water-soluble polymers. Various varieties of modified starch can be used in every process of papermaking including retention and drainage, reinforcing, surface sizing and coating. Polyvinyl alcohol has been increasingly used in papermaking due to its prominent adhesive and film forming properties. Water-soluble polymers, having good performance and versatile preparation routes, have provided the paper produces with enormous space to develop new products.

Water-soluble polymer exhibits:
Modified starch: cationic starch, oxidized starch, crosslinked starch, starch phosphate esters, hydroxyalkyl starch, hydroxymethyl starch,  acetate starch, graft copolymers of starch, modified zwitterion starch, multiple-modified starch, starch derivatives;
Water-soluble polymers: polyacrylamide, polyethylene imine, poly(ethylene oxide), polyvinyl alcohol, etc.;
Target Consumers: Printing and writing paper factory, wrapping paper factory, newsprint factory, household paper factory, etc.

The best feature of the exhibition is the series of functional chemicals including reinforcing agents, fluorescent brighteners and dyes because of the numerous exhibitors and complete exhibits. These functional chemicals, which are widely used in coated paper, newsprint, art paper, household paper and paperboard, has attracted attention from a lot of paper producers due to their superior properties to significantly improve the quality of paper products. We will continue to provide customers with deeper resources and services based on our current advantages.

Functional Chemical Exhibits:
Reinforcing agents (polyamide-polyamine-epichlorohydrin (PPE) resins )
Brighteners (VBL, APB-L and APC), special dye, flame retardants, water and oil proofing agents
Softeners, surface treatment agents, printability-improving agents, water-repellent agents

Target Consumers:
household paper factory, specialty paper factory, wrapping paper factory, coated paper factory, printing paper factory, newsprint factory, cardboard factory, art paper factory, industrial paper factory, etc.

Sizing agents are also important exhibits. Application cases of ASA sizing agent in various types of papermaking such as high-speed papermaking and waste pulp treatment will be shown in the exhibition. Also, the advantages of ADK sizing agent such as improving operational efficiency and product quality, lowering costs, stabilizing production and improving the sizing effect will be shown. In the exhibition, in order to promote the development of China’s paper industry, we will continue to improve our product structure and services, and to invite more well-known producers of paper and sizing agents to the exhibition.

Sizing agent exhibits:
Rosin-based sizing agents
Synthetic sizing agents (AKD-alkyl ketene dimer, ASA-alkenyl succinic anhydride, etc.)
Various paper surface sizing agents

Target Consumers:
office paper factory, wrapping paper factory, specialty paper factory, corrugated paper factory, cardboard factory, etc.

Process chemicals such as silicone defoamers, deinking agents and pulp antiseptics are the most important papermaking chemicals. Silicone defoamers can control the formation of foams in the pulp production process, improve efficiency of pulp washing machine, and reduce the consumption of alkali and water. Biological enzyme deinking agents can effectively treat mixed office waste paper which cannot be treated using traditional deinking agents; meanwhile it can increase pulp brightness, improve pulp yield, reduce BOD and COD contents in waste water, and reduce the overall production costs significantly. More key technologies and unique solutions will be shown in the exhibition by leading bio-enzyme producers.

Process chemical exhibits:
Deinking agents, retention and drainage aids, release agents, digester additives,
Defoamers, pitch control agents,
Pulp antiseptics, pigment dispersants, lubricants, preservatives, etc.;

Target Consumers:
newsprint factory, wrapping paper factory, office paper factory, household paper factory, etc.

Calcium carbonate can improve brightness and bulk density of paper. Paper which uses titanium dioxide has higher strength and better glossiness. Styrene-butadiene latex can improve the strength of the coating, making the paper wearable and water-proof. All these chemicals are basic papermaking chemicals which can improve the quality and properties of paper products.

Fillers and pigments: talc, precipitated calcium carbonate, ultrafine powder of heavy calcium carbonate, kaolin, titanium dioxide, etc.;
Coating binders and rubber binders: carboxyl styrene-butadiene latex, butyl acrylate-styrene copolymer emulsion, carboxy methylated cellulose (CMC) , casein, etc.;

Target Consumers:
printing and writing paper factory, wrapping paper factory, newsprint factory, etc.

Because papermaking wastewater can cause serious damage to the environment, most papermaking enterprises have to bear the high cost of wastewater treatment. However, composite flocculants can effectively remove various contaminations from pulp and paper wastewater with low costs, simple operation and easy-to-control process. Since the wastewater after flocculant treatment can fully meet the national effluent standard, the sustainable development of enterprises can be ensured. First-class flocculant producers all over the world will gather in the exhibition to show their perfect wastewater treatment solutions.

Water Treatment chemical Exhibits:
Organic flocculants: polyacrylamide and its derivatives
Inorganic flocculants: aluminum chloride, polymeric aluminum ferric chloride, polymeric ferric sulfate, FPAS
Silicone defoamers, bleaching agents, various bactericides

Target Consumers:
various kinds of paper factory (household paper, newsprint, office paper, corrugated paper, specialty paper, etc.)


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China International Exhibition Center of Chemical Industry (CNCIC) was established in 1991, by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry, it has the qualification of organizing economic and trade exhibition home and abroad. It enjoys excellent rules and guidance of exhibition management and operation, ability of shouldering civil responsibility and exhibitor attraction as well as the service system of planning, designing, organizing, managing, foreign language provide and construction personnel. China International Exhibition Center of Chemical Industry (CNCIC) is a professional team with rich exhibition organizing experience.

Our center have repeatedly undertaken foreign economic and trade technology exhibition of ministry, bureau and associations; including ICIF China, which is a professional exhibition in petrol and chemical industry. Our center has also undertaken many exhibitions like 7th Five-year-Plan Technology Exhibition, Exhibition of China’s Chemical Excellent Enterprises, Glorious Five Years Exhibition, the 50th Anniversary of China and State-owned Enterprise Reform Exhibition.

The center actively initiates special exhibitions with the requirements of enterprises and it has won great popularity among the enterprises and achieved a lot in recent years, such as "China International Water Treatment Chemicals Exhibition", "China International Exhibition on Surfactants", "International Paper Chemicals Exhibition", which attracted many well-known enterprises at home and abroad to come to the exhibition to promote the exchange of international trade. In addition, our center is also committed to develop a platform for international markets and organize enterprises to participate exhibitions around the world hundreds times, annually, there are hundreds of enterprises will participate the exhibition in our group, and our organization has won wide recognition by these exhibitors, nearly millions yuan would be distributed to the small and middle size companies for their exploration of international market.

Our center has provided service in all round way for exhibitors with the rich industrial information, domestic and overseas exhibition’s platform, media and website advantages, we have established a good image and won wide trust of all the clients.


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