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Clean Tech 2015 - 5th China Int'l Clean Technology & Water Treatment Equipment for Pharmaceutical use Exhibition

  • VENUE: New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC)
    Location & Details of New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC)
  • VENUE ADDRESS: No. 88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing
  • ORGANIZER: HNZ Industry Media Group
  • Contact:Xu Yonghuan
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-21-3100 7395
  • Fax: +86-21-3327 5350
  • CITY:Beijing
  • INDUSTRY:Pharmaceutical Industry
  •  Technologies
  •  Water Treatment
  •  Pharmaceutical Machinery
  • DATE: 2015/06/11 - 2015/06/13 Expired!


Clean Tech 2015

The 5th China International Clean Technology

and Water Treatment Equipment for Pharmaceutical use Exhibition

As the only international large-scale clean tech expo in ChinaClean Tech 2015 - The 5th China International Clean Technology and Water Treatment Equipment for Pharmaceutical use Exhibition will be held at New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC)China during Jun. 11-13, 2015.

Clean Tech Expo determines to build a platform for  promoting connection, popularizing brands, showing enterprise images, releasing new products of clean technology and IT communication

Clean Tech Expo 2015 is expected that the exhibition area is about 30,000 square meters, covering all the products of clean technology and attracting about 15,000 domestic & overseas professional visitors & consumers.



Cleanroom engineering and architecture/ Clean room equipment/ Purification equipment/ Clean room supplies and auxiliary products/ Pharmaceutical water equipment/ Refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation facilities/ Purification cleaning machinery


Name: HNZ Industry Media Group
Address: Floor 3, Shanghai Railway Building, 355 Moling Road, Shanghai (200070)
Tel: +86-21-3129 7637
Fax: +86-21-3327 5350

HNZ Industry Media Group, headquartered in Shanghai, has offices in major cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Hefei, Ningbo, Xi\'an and other places in China. HNZ has more than 200 media products, covering B2B websites, exhibitions, conferences, awards, professional journals and market researches. HNZ is one of the well-known exhibition and conference organizers as well as an influential industrial media publisher in China. With 25 vertical industrial websites and 16 professional journals, HNZ Industry Media Group holds over 100 professional conferences and brand exhibitions, organizes a range of industry awards and issues 6 industry market research reports every year. HNZ provides high-quality business matching platform for over 200,000 exhibitors, buyers, conference representatives, advertisers and readers from around the world with information about real-time market trends, online trade and industry procurement and so on. The group has more than 400 employees operating in major cities across China.

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