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ConcreteTech China 2016 - The 7th China International Concrete Industry Exhibition


ConcreteTech China 2016

The 7th China International Concrete Industry Exhibition

About the trade fair in China

Aims to build a comprehensive, high-level, high efficiency trade platform for building templates, scaffolding and construction technologyConcreteTech China 2016 - The 7th China International Concrete Industry Exhibition is to be held on March 17-19, 2016 at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)Beijing.


Exhibits profile
1, Wall formwork system, column-mode system shaft model system, the early split system;
2, Sliding, climbing formwork system, etc.;
3, Prestressed circular, large roof, profiled (staircase mode, window and door openings mold, etc.) new template system ;
4, Roads, bridges, tunnels and the template system;
5, Aluminum, glass steel shell and other materials of the new structure of the template system;
6, Decorative concrete formwork system;
7, Bamboo plywood and high strength plywood template;
8, Steel frame plywood formwork and its supporting systems;
9, Steel template, portfolio templates and accessories, special equipment, steel formwork, steel formwork repair machinery.
10, Gate type scaffold, mobile scaffold, wheel-type scaffold, ladder scaffold, interior scaffolding, scaffold bowl function button, lift, row grid buckle, adjustable roof support frame, steel template, the top corners of support, chrysanthemum Scaffold, Steel row gate, suddenly through the hole catamaran pedals, aluminum scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding quick, aluminum ladder, insulation ladder, insulated quick scaffolding, insulation repair aircraft, aircraft power plant boiler maintenance, fast installation scaffolding , aluminum scaffolding and related accessories.
11, Construction of various high-altitude platform: scissor work platform, truck operations, sets tanks operation platform, telescopic pole air operation platform, platform bracket, mast work platforms; a variety of stationary hydraulic lift Taiwan;
12, Various aerial vehicles, high-altitude reclaimer, automatic increase in cars;
13, Cranes, hoists, balancing hoists, cranes blue, tower cranes, etc.;
14, All kinds of aerial defense products, vertical ladder climbing protector, adjustable cord stop, cushioning safety rope, multi-functional seat belts, anti-fall devices, etc.


Name: CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council
Address: No,11,Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China Zip code 100831
Tel: +86-10-5781 1676
Fax: +86-10-5781 1676
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