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Cold Chain Logistics Expo 2015


Cold Chain Logistics Expo 2015

Cold Chain Logistics Expo 2015 creats an one-stop and efficient platform for Chinese and foreign Cold Chain Logistics enterprises, which is to be held on Dec.10-12, 2015 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China.

Cold Chain Logistics Expo is the only specialized large-scale Cold Chain Logistics trade show held both in Shanghai and Beijing among China, to exploit markets and filling the gaps that there is no international and large-scale exhibition specializing in Cold Chain Logistics in China.

It is estimated that the exhibition area of Cold Chain Logistics Expo 2015 is about 30,000 square meters, covering all the products of Cold Chain LogisticsCold Chain Logistics Expo 2015 will attract more than 250 enterprises from India, Vietnam, Russia, Germany, America, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, more than 20 countries and regions to participate the exhibition, and attract about 15,000 domestic and foreign professional visitors and consumers with larger scale, more exhibitors and more comprehensive exhibits.


Cold Chain Logistics Expo 2015 will invite buyer groups like bus operating groups, travel companies from Russia, Iran, England, France, America, Pakistan, Canada, India, Japan, Australia and so on to visit this exhibition and they will attend the trade fairs.


Exhibits Scope
Refrigerated transport equipment and accessories:
refrigerator car,Cabinet,Refrigerated locomotive,insulated van,
Automotive refrigeration units and components,car refrigerator,
Refrigerated transport box,refrigerator ship,air-condition,frozen box,
Incubator,Coolbag, Ice bag etc.
Refrigeration material and accessories:
Cool storage material, sealing material,PCM,refrigerating fluid,
Preservation equipment accessories,etc.
Cold-storage technology and equipment:
Supermarket freezer,Commercial display freezer,
Special refrigerated display cabinet,Refrigerator with Coffee hall,
restaurant,Fresh cabinet,Portable refrigerator,
Laboratory for cold storage equipment and accessories,
Storage constant temperature technique,etc.
Refrigeration technology and equipment:
assembled cold storage,Refrigerator and freezer,Quick freezing equipment,
Ultra-low temperature freezer,Refrigeration unit,Cold plate,cold-
storage door,Temperature control technology,Freezer fittings,
Cold safety and environmental protection energy-
saving technology,Refrigerating House Design,
Refrigeration facility energy-saving lighting technology,etc.
Agricultural products and food preservation equipment:
Fruits and vegetables, meat, aquatic products processing technology,
Food fresh keeping cabinet,Storage bags,Preservation Equipment,
Cling film,Fresh retail equipment,Antistaling agent,
Fresh Machine Weapon,Storage technology,Workbench,etc.
Cold Chain storage and handling equipment:
Forklift truck,storage rack,pallet,Warehouse automation equipment,Van,
Conveyor sorting system,AGV,Lifts and peripheral equipment,etc.
Fresh electricity company:
Platform type electric,Dairy electricity supplier,Direct electric,Pastry electric,
Fruit electricity supplier,Flowers electricity,Meat electricity,Integrated food electricity,
Aquatic products business,Imported food business,etc.
Cold chain and distribution services:
The third / four coldchain logistics services,Dangerous goods transportation service,
Cold chain testing and monitoring services,Cold chain information services,
Cold Chain Packaging Solutions,Cold chain logistics park,Cold chain logistics industry base,etc.


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