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Sweet & SnackTec Feature Zone (Sweet & SnackTec China 2011)


The Exhibit Profile of Sweet & SnackTec Feature Zone (Sweet & SnackTec China 2011)

-Processing technology and equipment

-Machines and plants

-Packaging technology

-Packaging materials

-Raw materials and ingredients

-Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology

-Safety and quality management

-Service firms, organizations, publishers 


Sweet & SnackTec Feature Zone: Showcasing the Entire Industry Value Chain

The Sweet & SnackTec Feature Zone is set to remain a fixture in the new concept bringing exhibitors and visitors alike products and perspectives from either end of the industry value chain. From the latest processing equipment; automation, data processing and control technology to packaging and packaging technology as well as the highest quality of raw materials and ingredients for confectionery and snack production, the comprehensive display aims to benefit all attendees.



The target visitor group of Sweet & SnackTec Feature Zone (Sweet & SnackTec China 2011) will include 

Technology Suppliers and Technology Seekers, Buyers and Sourcing Personnel from the Processed Food Industry, Key Personnel of Core and Allied Sectors, Central & State Government Officials, Associations, Financial and Educational Institutions, Trade Delegations, Products and Service Users are the target visitors.


The target exhibitor group of Sweet & SnackTec Feature Zone (Sweet & SnackTec China 2011) will include 

Processing and Packaging for Confectionery, Dragee, Cocoa, Almond and Nuts, Chocolate, Bakery, Biscuit, Pastry, Wafer and Snacks, Potatoes, Cereals, Raw materials and ingredients for confectionery production, Confectionery packaging, Packaging machines for confectionery, Machines and systems for the confectionery industry, Refrigeration and air conditioning technology, Food safety and quality management.


Name: Koelnmesse GmbH
Address: Messeplatz 1 50679 Cologne, Germany
Tel: +49-221-821 2574
Fax: +49-221-821 2574
Official Website: Click to Visit

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Name: China National Candy Association (CNCA)
Address: Room 1-503, Building 3, Donghuashi Nanli 3 Qu (Fuguiyuan), Chongwen District, Beijing, P.R. China.
Tel: +86-10-6716 4830
Fax: +86-10-6716 4830-807
Official Website: Click to Visit


China National Candy Association (CNCA), established in October, 1992, is an official national non-profit organization of candy, chocolate, jelly and Candied fruit, etc in China.

Orientation: Accelerate the healthy and durative development of industry.


1. To promote the development of production and progress, to well strengthen functions of self-discipline and coordination to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises

2. To accelerate the enterprises communication and cooperation as an industrial “bridge” to well supply service for all parties of industry

3. To assist the government in industrial management and rights and interests maintenance of enterprises.

4. To carry on the international communication and cooperation of industrial economic and technology.


Primary Tasks of China National Candy Association (CNCA):

1. Master the industrial development, analyse industrial development trend, bring forward suggestion of industrial development and supply the first actual data for country and enterprises according comprehensive research.

2. Strengthen industrial self-discipline and quality supervision, harmonize industrial relationship, regulate industrial behavior and try every way to create and stick up for the industrial fair competitive environment and marketing system.

3. Stick up for the members benefit and relationship, reflect their idea and request to the related government department.

4. Develop the stratagem of candy nutrition, accelerate the product upgrade to improve the nutritional level of the Chinese.

5. Organize forum and investigation for important technology and industrial communication; promote the latest technology, product, machinery and experience in the whole industry.

6. Keep on organize reporting meeting, exhibition, forum and exchanges, etc.

7. Keep on running the industrial publication, annals, web site to supply members with more and more comprehensive information.

8. Present and promote actively the advantaged experience of enterprise to accelerate the industrial communication; guide and assist enterprises to have a better and more advantaged management, development enterprise culture and finally improve the general industrial diathesis.

9. Strengthen the talent train.

10. Organize product show, exhibition and forum.

11. Constitute and amend national industrial standards according the government request and authorization.

12. Develop the industrial commonweal business, set up the healthy industrial image.

13. Strengthen the intercommunication and develp the industrial international cooperation.

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