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Electronica 2012 & Productronica China 2012


Exhibition profile -

Electronica 2012 & Productronica China 2012
electronica China and productronica China will from now on be  organized with distinct brands. For the first time in 2012 the  exhibition will be presented in two parallel shows, but jointly and  at the same time at the New International Expo Centre in  Shanghai.
Under this new structure, the two shows will clearly demonstrate  their close links to the world’s leading trade fairs electronica and  productronica in Munich, Germany. The first steps of this  development are already visible above: The new electronica China  and productronica China logos in the header of this website, along  with the new lettering.
electronica China is the leading trade platform for electronic  components and systems in China as well as the Asian-Pacific  region. Growth of a decade has established electronica China a  name for its "high-end applications and technological  innovations". A series of international innovation forums  addressing important application trends and growth markets offer  the electronic community in China the latest industry trends and  solutions.
productronica China is a leading innovative platform focusing on  electronic manufacturing equipment including wire & cable  processing, SMT, test and measurement, PCB, welding materials  and equipment, tools and electronics manufacturing services.  Together with the parallel electronica China, they present the  whole spectrum of the electronics industry in China.
The Innovation Forums targeted at wire & cable processing and  green manufacturing can provide the global state-of-the-art  solutions to the Chinese electronics manufacturing community.
Attractive synergies for visitors
The collocation with LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA,  SEMICON China and CPCA Show creates attractive synergies and  added value for visitors.


Target Visitors

Electrical contractors, engineers, equipment manufacturers,  inspectors/supervisors, wholesalers, supply authorities,  Government - state/federal, Industrial installation, Manufacturers,  OEM's/CEM's, Plant engineers/personnel, Radio communications,  Research & development, Service/support engineers, Switchboard  builders.


Profile for exhibit include Large and small dimensional home  appliances, household filters for water refinement, Audio and  video techniques, TV-sets, video recorders, cameras, videogames,  headphones, the musical centers, tuners, receivers, CD decks,  amplifiers, Cables, Home cinema, plasma monitors and  components, Home and mobile communication facilities, Security  systems, Heating systems, Air-conditioner, Water heaters,  Household electric appliances.


Name: Messe München GmbH
Address: Muenchen, Germany
Tel: +49-89-9492-0720
Fax: +49-89-9492 0119
Official Website: Click to Visit

Messe München International (MMI), The world's leading organizers of trade fairs which organizes some 40 trade fairs for capital goods, consumer goods and new technologies. IMesse München GmbH and ICM cooperate with numerous companies which are specialized in various fields, required for the organization of successful trade fairs and events. Almost More than 30,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries and more than two million visitors from over 200 countries participate in fairs and exhibitions in Munich each year.

Name: MMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Address: 11th Floor, GC Tower, No. 1088 Yuan Shen Rd Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200122
Tel: +86 21 2020 5500
Fax: +86 21 2020 5666, 2020 5688
Official Website: Click to Visit

With its long-standing commitment to high quality, superior  service and linking up with the global market,MMI (Shanghai)  Co., Ltd., drawing on its abundant resources, stages unequalled  trade fairs. It presents customers with international platforms of  exchange and exhibition, while providing multilevel and  multifaceted services with its progressive approach!

MMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has accumulated valuable experience in  the organization and staging of trade fairs in China. In order to  meet the needs of enterprises to promote their products and  services, to build good brand images and to facilitate exchange and  cooperation in an increasingly competitive business environment,  MMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has expanded its operations to include  such areas as machinery, logistics, environmental protection,  electronics, laser technology, biochemistry and sports. As an  industry leader in China, we continuously strive for the levels of  excellence and innovation set by Messe München International,  our parent company, to guide the development of Chinese trade  fairs in a specialized and internationalized direction.

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