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FLA 2016 - Fresh Logistics Asia 2016


FLA 2016 - Fresh Logistics Asia 2016

As a professional trade show throughout fresh logistics industryFLA 2016 - Fresh Logistics Asia 2016 is to be held during June 14-16, 2016 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China.

Fresh Logistics Asia (flA) aims to develop a commercial platform combining cold-chain and distribution services, fresh refrigerated and frozen equipment, cold storage, warehousing and transport refrigeration material handling equipment, accessories and fresh e-commerce. At the same time, the concept of fresh logistics which brings the change in life and commercial types could be experienced in one-step.


Exhibits Scope
Cold Chain and Logistics Servics
Cold chain logistics service vendor
Cold chain information and testing services
Cold Chain Packaging Solutions
Cold Chain Logistics Parks
Designing Institutes

Cold-Storage and Freezing equipment
Commercial Cold-Storage/Freezing Display
Cold-Storage/Freezing Display Cabinets for Supermarket
Drink Cold-Storage Display Cabinets
Portable Cold-Storage Display Cabinets
Automatic Retailing Cabinets for Fresh
Cold-Storage Accessories
Low-Temperature Refrigeration Equipment for Laboratories
IQF Equipment

Refrigeration Transport Equipment Technology
Logistics Transport Equipment
Modified Refrigerated Trucks/Cabinets
Refrigerated Container Trucks/Special Refrigerated Trucks and Vehicles
Refrigeration Units for Vehicles
Pharmacy Refrigerator ( Pharmaceutical Grade) Refrigerated Transport Containers (Food Grade)
Incubator (Food Grade)
Vehicle Refrigerator
Chilling Bags, Ice Bags, Frozen Packaging

Refrigeration Equipment
Fresh-Keeping Cabinet
Refrigeration Equipment for Food & Vegetables, Aquatic Products, Meat Products
Refrigeration Equipment for Fresh Food Retailing
Refrigerating Working Table
Vacuum Freshness and Packing Equipment
Refrigeration Equipment through Vacuuming, Freezing and Drying
Freshness Packets and Preservation Reagents
Storage Technology

Cold Storage and Equipment Technology
Cold Storage Assembly
Fresh-preserved Storehouse, Refrigerator, IQF Equipment, Freezer Compartment
Cold Plate, Cold Storage Doors
Temperature Control Technology
Cold Storage Refrigeration Unit
Cold Storage Design, Cold Storage Engineering
Environment Protection, Energy Saving and Safety Technologies for Cold Storage
Refrigeration Facilities Lighting Technology

Cold Chain Storage and Handing Equipment
Refrigerated Containers
Refrigerator Shelves
Transport Equipment
Electric Forklift

Fruits and Vegetables Sorting, Processing, Fresh Keeping and Packing equipment
Fruits and Vegetables Sorting system, Sorting machines, Automatic Ancillary Equipment
Fruits and Vegetables Selecting Conveyor, Splitting Machines
Fruits and Vegetables Washing Machines, Draining Machines, Color-Protecting Machines, Dehydrators, Dyers, Peeling Machines
Fruits and Vegetables Fresh-Keeping Equipment in Iced water, Fresh-keeping Equipment through Thermal Treatment
Fruits and Vegetables Fresh-keeping Packing Machines, Water Purification and Sterilization Packing Machines and Ozone Sterilization Device
Fruits and Vegetables Processing Line
"Central Kitchen" Dedicated Device
Fruits and Vegetables Washing line

Fresh Food E-commerce
Fruits & Vegetables E-Commerce
Meat Products E-Commerce
Aquatic Products E-Commerce
Diary Products E-Commerce
Cookies & Pastry E-Commerce
Comprehensive Food E-Commerce
Imported Food E-Commerce

Refrigeration Materials and Accessories
Regenerator Material
Polyurethane Insulation Materials
Thermal Insulation Materials
Sealing Material
Phase Change Material
Parts for Refrigeration Equipment
Freezer Accessories
Refrigerator Parts
Refrigeration Unit Components

Distribution Services and Freight APP


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With its long-standing commitment to high quality, superior  service and linking up with the global market,MMI (Shanghai)  Co., Ltd., drawing on its abundant resources, stages unequalled  trade fairs. It presents customers with international platforms of  exchange and exhibition, while providing multilevel and  multifaceted services with its progressive approach!

MMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has accumulated valuable experience in  the organization and staging of trade fairs in China. In order to  meet the needs of enterprises to promote their products and  services, to build good brand images and to facilitate exchange and  cooperation in an increasingly competitive business environment,  MMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has expanded its operations to include  such areas as machinery, logistics, environmental protection,  electronics, laser technology, biochemistry and sports. As an  industry leader in China, we continuously strive for the levels of  excellence and innovation set by Messe München International,  our parent company, to guide the development of Chinese trade  fairs in a specialized and internationalized direction.

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