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CPAF 2016 - 2016 China Tianjin international pet and Aquarium Fair


CPAF 2016

2016 China Tianjin international pet and Aquarium Fair

Aims to promote the healthy and rapid development of the pet and aquarium industry in China, CPAF 2016 - 2016 China Tianjin international pet and Aquarium Fair is scheduled to be held on June 17-19, 2016 at Tianjin International Exhibition Center, China.

It's expected that nearly 400 domestic outreach providers and 8,000 professional audience will take part in CPAF 2016. Last year, CPAF 2015 was successfully held in March 2015, attracting nearly 200 exhibitors, 5,000 professional audience join to the show, the exhibitors satisfaction as high as 85%, professional visitors from all over the country.


Audiences include:
This pet and aquarium products retailers, wholesalers, dealers, traders.
Pet beauty salon, pet hospital.
DIY store, supermarket, garden pet pet supplies procurement.
This pet, the aquarium industry associations and related organizations.
This pet, the aquarium industry experts, senior game player.
Ornamental fish, pet keeping enterprises and experts.
People at home and abroad, pet aquarium brand products manufacturers.
The media industry.
The pet friendly fish friends.


Exhibits Scope
Cats and dogs:
①The staple food: food, snacks, food additives, chewing food, food processing machinery and packaging technology;
②Activities: dog training activities, kennel, cat litter, cat litter, clothing, traction belt, toys, health care products, beauty products, pet transportation tools;
③Medical: medical equipment, medicine.

①Aquarium and aquarium;
②The aquarium accessories: aeration equipment, filtration equipment, heating rods, spray equipment;
③The aquarium landscaping, landscaping, water tank: sand, decorations;
④The fish feed and drugs;
⑤The ornamental fish.

①Birds and climbing pet food and supplies;
②Small spoil;
③Gardening products and pond equipment;
④The media, publications, clubs, associations, industry organizations.


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