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China Stone Fair 2016 - 2016 The 10th Shanghai International Stone Exhibition


China Stone Fair 2016

2016 The 10th Shanghai International Stone Exhibition

Concurrently with
2016 The 3rd China (Shanghai) International Stone Machine Tool Exhibition

About the trade fair in China

China Stone Fair 2016 - 2016 The 10th Shanghai International Stone Exhibition will be held on July 12-14, 2016 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China. The organizer is Guangzhou Aiqi Exhibition Corp.


Exhibits Scope
Marble block sandstone, granite block, block, and other
Marble, granite stone plate, plate, plate, sheet sandstone, and other
Composite board, artificial stone plate, terrazzo, microcrystalline stone, culture stone, solid surface sheets, hills, and other
Different products:
Kitchen table panels, pool, building, stairs, skirting board, wind water polo, fireplace, door, window, handrails, railings, line, vases, stone pillars, flower POTS, water tank, fountain, mosaics, parquet, lamp act the role ofing, furniture, curved plates, and other
Stone carving products:
People, animals, Buddha, relief, and other
Tombs and monuments:
Chinese style tombstone, Japanese tombstones, European headstones, urn, tomb, monuments and other
Environmental decoration:
Pebble, stone for the blind, antique stone, landscape stone, cultural stone, mushroom stone, other
Mechanical equipment and tools:
1, mining equipment:
Drilling and fracturing equipment, air compressor, rock drill, loader, bulldozer, excavator, a slow moving hoist, crane, mast cranes, gantry crane, flame cutting machine, diamond saw, beading disc saw, saw, other arm type
2, the processing equipment:
(1) cutting equipment, disk saw, sand saws, frame saws, saws, band saw, diamond wire saw beads, ultra-thin cutting equipment, and other
3, grinding and polishing equipment
4, bridge cutting equipment:
Cutting machine, water jet cutting machine, and other
5, small processing equipment:
Processing auxiliary equipment (transport, loading), the heterogeneous type processing equipment, beaded saw, drilling equipment, edge grinding equipment
6, saw blade and the saw blade:
Saw blade, saw blade,
7, abrasives:
Abrasive, steel shot, steel wool grinding head, polishing powder, and other
8, diamond
9 and production of diamond tools of machinery and equipment
Resource utilization, environmental protection and safety production:
Dust removal equipment, sound equipment, security monitoring system, rock powder recovery system, waste water recycling system, water pump, the other
Maintenance materials and equipment:
Maintenance, cleaning, renovation, polishing, viscose, colorant, tools, accessories and other
Service agencies, media, community:
Association, society, media and consulting company, other


Name: Guangzhou Aiqi Exhibition Corp
Address: No. 604-2,15th floor,DahSing Bank Building,People's Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou City,China
Tel: +86-20-8920 2485
Fax: +86-20-8963 7059
Official Website: Click to Visit

Aiqi exhibition is one of China's leading exhibition company, whose core business is the leading international exhibition held in selected countries in the world, the exhibition organized by the main features of Aiqi exhibition is its enormous appeal to international visitors and exhibitors, Aiqi exhibition with rich experience in organizing exhibitions and innovative exhibition concept, more than professional exhibitions held annually, attracting visitors and exhibitors from many countries.

Aiqi exhibition through exploration and development of international markets, successfully hosted the world-class exhibitions, and established a good working relationship with the world of professional organizations and institutions for the organization of international exhibitions worldwide basis. 

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