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2016 China (Shanghai) Landscape Industry Trade Fair


2016 China (Shanghai) Landscape Industry Trade Fair

Concurrently with
The 13th Shanghai International City Garden and Landscape Design & Facilities Exhibition 2016

About the trade fair in China

As the most professional and influential landscape architecture and gardening expo in China2016 China (Shanghai) Landscape Industry Trade Fair is to be held on June 1-3, 2016 at Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing (SHCEC), China.

China (Shanghai) Landscape Industry Trade Fair will focuse on “trading promotion” for full range marketing and publicity to establish a China and even an Asia Pacific trading platform for gardening suppliers and buyers, it aims to provide a platform for all the overseas buyers of the landscape gardening facilities and related products and the Chinese manufacturers and trading companies by face to face communication to achieve the direct procurement of origin and promote the trading development.


Visitors are landscape construction and maintenance contractors, greenhouse growers, turf producers, nursery growers, garden centre operators, institutional and government department representatives - anyone and everyone connected to the Green Industry.
Landscape Construction Professionals
Landscape Maintenance Professionals
Principals of Bureau for plan, construction, garden & tour
Operators of Hotels, Leisure Parks, Holiday Villages and Sports Areas
Building Decoration Companies
Traders and Buyers, Building Material Distributors
Property Managements of Commercial and Residential Estate
Villa Buyers
Garden Centre Operators
Government Purchaser
Greenhouse Operators
Nursery Operators
Turf Producers
Golf Course Professionals


Exhibits Scope
Landscape Design
Landscape Design of Urban Open Spaces and Residential Quarters, Planning, Construction, Maintenance and Governing of Environmental Landscape, Water Landscape and Environment Design, City Landscape Illumination Design Projects, Tourism Development Planning, etc
Architecture Design and Engineering Consultation
Design of Public & Administrative Building, Residential Building, Traffic Building and Ecological Community Project, Engineering Consultation and Management and Related Service, etc
Urban Planning
Urban Development Strategy, Urban Design and District Planning, Municipal Project Planning, Town System Planning, Traffic Planning, etc
Garden and Urban Green Construction
Design and Construction of Urban Green Project, Design and Construction of Villa Garden, etc
Design of Tourism and Themed Attractions
Design and Construction of Tourism and Themed Attractions, Playground, Leisure Grounds, Golf Courses, Stadiums and Parks, etc
Roof Green and Building Greening Technology
Storage and Drainage System, Waterproof Materials, Overhead and Separation Materials, Isolation and Filter Materials, Insulation Materials, Planted medium, etc
Landscape & Garden Building Materials
Antiseptic Wood products, Wood-Plastic Composites, Waterscape Fountain, Landscape Illumination System, Colorful Bricks, Membrane Floors, Garden Bricks & Tiles, Square Bricks, Fence, Stone Carving, Outdoor Stones, etc
Outdoor Leisure Facilities
Outdoor Furniture, Children Playground Facilities, Membrane Structure, Leisure Wooden House, etc
Plants and Turf grass, Plant Simulation and Irrigation Products
Urban Construction Machinery
Planting Machinery, Shift Tree Machine, Grassland Machinery, Earth-moving Machinery, Paths and Square Construction Machinery, etc
Wood Frame Structures and Bamboo Construction
Building Technology and Materials of Wood Frame Structures and Bamboo Construction
Interior Green
Display of Interior Green Decoration Example and Interior Plants Product Series, etc
Garden Construction
Design, Construction and Maintenance of Villa Garden, Garden Decorations, Tools, Equipments and Accessories, etc


Name: Shanghai Landscape Architecture and Gardening Trade Association (SLAGTA)
Tel: +86-21-6450 2328/1830/2339
Fax: +86-21-6436 7830

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