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CIE 2016 - The 2nd China (Shenzhen) International Internet & Ecommerce Expo


CIE 2016

The 2nd China (Shenzhen) International Internet & Ecommerce Expo

CIE 2016 - The 2nd China (Shenzhen) International Internet & Ecommerce Expo will be staged on Oct.12-14, 2016 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (SZCEC), China.

In the first half of 2015, the e-commerce transactions of China totaled 7.64 trillion yuan (US$1.20 trillion), up 30.4% year-over-year. The cross-border e-business market will reach 2 trillion yuan (US$0.31 trillion), with an increase of 42.8%, accounting for 17.3% of Chinese import and export business market.

Furthermore, China Cross-border e-business in China is estimated to reach 6.5 trillion yuan (US$1.02 trillion) in 2016, with an increase of 30% growth rate and 20% in the ratio of China’s total import and export trade according to China Ministry of Commerce.


1. Manufacturers, FMCG
2. Import / export enterprises
3. Sellers & Buyers looking for B2B/B2C/C2C ( domestic or abroad ) online platforms
4. Retailers and brands, merchants, shopping malls, groceries and supermarkets
5. Dealers & distributors
6. Dining & Quick Service Restaurants
7. Domestic/Cross-border E-tailers from different online platforom
8. E-commerce platform ( Alibaba, Taobao, JD, Amazon, DH Gate, LAZADA etc.)
9. SEO, Search Engines, CRM, ERP, digital marketing, online marketing, advertizing
10. Travel, hospitality, entertainment, dining and quick service restaurants
11. Hospitals and healthcare
12. IT, software, internet, cloud
13. Payment, bank, insurance, financial organizations, investors & venture capitalists
14. Logistics, warehousing, express delivery, transportation
15. Supply chain management
16. Government, association, institutions ,media
17. Freelancers、students


Exhibits Scope
1. E + foreign trade: Cross-border e-commerce platform(B2B/B2C/C2C), Service providers for Cross-border E-commerce ( like Software, Solutions, Payment, Education, Oversea storage, Customer clearance, Other value-added services ... )
2. E + Agriculture: Rural e-commerce, (Import/Export) Agricultural products
3. E + Intelligence: Wearable devices, Smart home, Home networks
4. E + Mobile: APP, Mobile games, Smartphones, M-commerce, Wechat business, Social media & advertising
5. E + marketing: Search Engines, Digital marketing, SEO, ERP/CRM, Omni-Channel retailing, Telecom operators & managed services, Affiliate marketing
6. E + Data: Cloud, Big data, IDC, Saas, Data analysis and management, Data security & authentication
7. E + Finance: Payment solutions, Bank, Insurance, P2P, Internet public financing platform, Venture capital firm (VC)
8. E + Logistics: Logistics, Express, Parcel deliveries, Warehousing, Fulfilment, Packing, Supply chain management & inventory management.
9. E + Life: Online to Offline (O2O), Online games, Online entertainment (TV/movies/music), Online education, Online tourism, Online medical etc.
10. E + innovation: Internet innovation project, E-commerce industry park, Customer incubator
11. E + retail: E-commerce platforms, Online shops for Consumer Electronic / Garments / Cosmetic / Food / Beverage / Infants and pregnant / Home Furnishing / Life department etc.


Name: Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association
Address: 3/F, Fuan Building, Chegongmiao, futian District, Shenzhen - 510000., China.
Tel: +86-755-8358 1250

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