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China International Functional Fabrics and High-performance Fiber Exhibition (CIFE 2011)


Organizer:   China Textile Institute of Science and Technology
                    China Textile Industry Productivity Center
                    Chinese Society of Flame Retardant 
                    Shanghai Fesco Advertising Co., Ltd.  
Invitation: European Flame Retardant Association 
                    Korea Federation of Textile Industries 
                    National Technology Information Center of the Synthetic fibers 
                    China's Textile Business Associations 
                    China Textile Engineering Institute 
                    Shanghai Clothing Industry Association

In recent years, with China's rapid development in the field of textile, it has greatly stimulated the scientific research and the passion in technological innovation in the whole field. The textile industry in China will be geared to the international,  the textile industry has been rapid development in China and China, as well as Asia, has  become a global textile manufacturing center, especially the new fiber technology  and the high-grade functional fabric, which has became the focus of development, own potential market demand. Many enterprises overseas have great expectations to Chinese high-functional materials market. With the scientific and technological progress and economic development, their demand will increase gradually. In the global financial tsunami, the competition in textile industry in our country has become more intense. The use of high-tech arming textile industry is a priority, and innovation will make China the world's largest producer and applications market of functional textile products in the next few years.

In order to further promote the rapid development in China's new technology fibers and functional fibers, meet the clients' special needs, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign technology and provide a platform for show and communion, "2011 China International Functional Fabrics and High-performance Fiber Exhibition" is hold by China Textile Institute of Science and Technology (CTIST), and the Textile Industry Productivity Center, China Flame-retardant Society (CFRS).


Name: China Textile Academy (CTA)
Address: No.3, Jinglizhong Street, Zhaoyang Area, Beijing
Tel: +86-10-6502 6361
Fax: +86-10-6501 0837
Official Website: Click to Visit

China Textile Academy (CTA) was founded in 1956,originally affiliated to the Ministry of Textile Industry. In 1999, CTA was transformed into a large-scale high-tech enterprise directly under the central government, then was approved by the State Council to join in GENERTEC in 2009. CTA is the biggest comprehensive R & D institution and high-tech enterprises group in China’s textile industry, equipped with advanced and professional instruments,facilities and trial production workshop . There are more than 3300 employees, in which the research fellows are highly educated and qualified. The National Engineering Research Center of Industrial Textile, the National Engineering Research Center of Synthetic Fiber, Productivity Promotion Center of Textile Industry, China National Textiles Quality Supervision Testing Center and Standardization Institute of Textile Industry of China are all affiliated to China Textile Academy (CTA) .

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