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G-POWER 2016 - 15th China (Shanghai) International Power and Generating Sets Exhibition


G-POWER 2016

The 15th China (Shanghai)

International Power and Generating Sets Exhibition

G-POWER 2016 - The 15th China (Shanghai) International Power and Generating Sets Exhibition will take place on May 24-26, 2016 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China.

During China (Shanghai) International Power and Generating Sets Exhibition (G-Power), visitors can look forward to sourcing products and services under one roof. G-Power covers the entire industry chain including generation sets (marine, gas, diesel, wind), engines, generators, motors and manufacturing equipment as well as an extensive feature of components and accessories. Last year, G-POWER 2015 spanned 46,000 square metres, featured 560 exhibitors from 36 countries and regions and attracted 30,086 trade visitors. 


Industrial Users
Electric power; Petroleum; Chemical industry; Metallurgy; Iron and steel; Cement; Coal; Textiles; Transportation; Electronics; Telecommunications; Environmental protection; Transport; Machinery, equipment suppliers and traders

Construction Users
Real estate developers; Construction contractors; Renovation companies; Architects and designers; Engineers; Importers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers; Building and property management; Large residential and commercial complexes (hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping malls, factory sites)

Government Service
Related government departments (utilities, electricity, planning); Municipal engineering; Design and research institutions; Authorities; Associations; Societies


Exhibits Profile
1. Generating Sets
1.1 Marine generator sets
1.2 Gas generator sets
1.3 Diesel generator sets
1.4 Gasoline generator sets
1.5 Mash gas generator sets
1.6 Wind power generator sets
1.7 Solar generator sets
1.8 Generator control system
1.9 Standby power

2. Engine
2.1 Automobile engine
2.2 Marine engine
2.3 Motorcycle engine
2.4 Agricultural engine
2.5 Hybrid engine
2.6 Gas engine
2.7 Construction machinery engine
2.8 Fuel cell

3. Components and Petroleum Product
3.1 Accessories
3.2 Radiator
3.3 Control systems
3.4 Instruments and meters
3.5 Lubricants; Coolant
3.6 Abluent
3.7 Additives related to engine and generators sets

4. Electric Motor
4.1 AC motor
4.2 DC motor
4.3 Servo motor
4.4 Stepper motor
4.5 Synchronous motor
4.6 Torque motor
4.7 Explosion proof motor
4.8 Rotary transformer
4.9 Servo speed machine
4.10 Brake motor
4.11 Magnetic motor
4.12 Speed reducer; Special motor and more

5. Manufacturing Technique and Equipment
5.1 Special manufacturing equipment
5.2 Testing equipment; Instruments for casting, machining, forging and pressing
5.3 Machine tool
5.4 Moulding, assembling and debugging equipment
5.5 New technology/scientific research for the use in engine and generating sets


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