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The 13th China International Exhibition on Gases Technology, Equipment and Application (IG, China 2011)


International Partners

Asia Pacific Gases Manufacturers Association            

Korean Gases Safety Corporation

Ukraine Association of Industrial Gases Manufacturers  

All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association

Korean High Pressure Gases Cooperative Union         

Gases and Welding Distributors Association, USA

Special Endorsement by:

General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China

State Administration of Work Safety

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

National Technical Committee on Gas Cylinders of Standardization Administration of China

National Technical Committee on Gas of Standardization Administration of China

Without doubt, industrial gases and natural gas are the key buyers’ market for valve manufacturers. With past years’ successful development of IG, China and NG, China, we found an interesting phenomenon that is the exhibitor number in the field of valve manufacturing revealed a general trend of steady rise. Facts have proved that IG, China and NG, China are the sales effectiveness event for the valve manufacturers. In view of the facts proved, ValveExpo China’2011 is henceforth an event launched in its own right timing.



Name: AIT Events Co., Ltd
Address: 3rd Floor,Airport Property Group Building,NO.6 Yumin Street,ZoneB,Tianzhu Airport Industrial Park ,Beijing,China
Tel: +86-10-8586 8930
Fax: +86-10-8586 8931
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AIT EVENTS, which was established in 2000, has been carrying out its mission of creating “B2B” business opportunities for both foreign and Chinese businesses partners by organizing conferences and trade fairs as well as related tailor-made events/services.

Whatever their trade or business category, AIT EVENTS showcases are devoted to fostering win-win partnerships aiming to promote the trading activities and technology exchange between China and the world.


Name: China Industrial Gases Industry Association (CIGIA)
Address: No. 1, South Road, Dongsihuan, Dajiaoting, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing, PR. China
Tel: +86-10-6731 5044 / 8737 8841
Fax: +86-10-6731 5244
Official Website: Click to Visit

China Industrial Gases Industry Association (CIGIA), founded in 1987. There are some committees under its administration; Hydrogen Committee, CO2 Committee, Cylinder Committee, Welding Gases Committee and Gas Analyzing Technology and Instrument Committee. We have more than 200 committees composed by famous technicians. We have China Gases magazine, CIGIA News, web site and Hydrogen Brief News.

In the aspect of hydrogen, we will make use of our advantage to expand the activities as followed:

1: Hold hydrogen conference to promote technologies of research, production, storage and transportation, package and gas filling; to promote development of hydrogen technology.

2: Hold hydrogen forum to promote exchange of international hydrogen rules and standards, to assistant relevant sectors to ensure association norms about hydrogen relevant laws and standards.

3: Hold meeting, topical lecture to improve hydrogen technology exchange with abroad to establish and promote cooperation.

4: Assistant companies to find cooperative partner at home and abroad

5: Assistant companies to find risky investment

6: Public domestic and foreign hydrogen technology situation by our website, magazine and newspaper

7: Public hydrogen technology, equipment, development and innovation to our members

8: Offer consulting service to establishment, equipment choosing, and design of hydrogen project

9: Offer service on facture establishment and equipment

10: Offer technical training for hydrogen project operators and relevant technicians

11: Training for compressor operator to hunt job

12: Advices for hydrogen equipment

13: Organize team to abroad to explore hydrogen technology and hydrogen filling station

Wish the honest cooperation of hydrogen-keen enterprises and person to make great contributes to hydrogen economy.

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