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The 8th China (Shanghai) International Copper Industry Exhibition 2016


The 8th China (Shanghai) International Copper Industry Exhibition 2016

The 8th China (Shanghai) International Copper Industry Exhibition 2016 is to be staged at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) (NECC)China during 1-5 November 2016.

The 8th China (Shanghai) International Copper Industry Exhibition 2016 is expected to provid an international paltform for copper industry to showcase the latest products such as Copper & Copper alloy processing products,  Mining equipment and metallurgical equipment, Copper & Copper alloy processing equipments, Auxiliary materials for copper production, Copper valves, pipes, fittings, sanitary ware and other bronze hardware products, etc.


Scope of exhibiting
☆ Copper ore, cathode copper
Copper & Copper alloy processing products
  (tube/pipe, plate/sheet, foil, rod, bar, strip and wire, etc.)
☆ New section copper materials and products applied to Hi- tech industry,IT,electron,aerospace,auto,household appliance,    construction material,electric power,etc.
Mining equipment and metallurgical equipment.
☆ Copper & Copper alloy processing equipments
as follows,
    1) Smelting equipment and casting & die-casting equipment
    2) Heating & heat-treating equipment
    3) Rolling equipment
    4) Extrusion & drawing equipment
    5) Surface treatment equipment,straightening    
       equipment,finishing & shearing equipment
    6) Automatic control system and equipments, inspection
       equipments, analytical instruments,packaging equipment,
       plant equipment
    7) New process and new technology used for Copper &
       Copper alloy processing
    8) Reclamation technologies and equipments of wasted
        copper, environmental protection technology and
        equipments during copper production
Auxiliary materials for copper production, including chemicals,
     flux,refractory, intermediate alloy additive,gas,water,
Copper valves, pipes, fittings, sanitary ware and other bronze
     hardware products

☆ Copper industrial park, training and standards service


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