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Henan Poultry Fair (HPF 2011)


Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre (ZZICEC) 



The trade show ---- Henan Poultry Fair (HPF 2011) will take place in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre (ZZICEC) and will include such subject matters as recent scientific findings progress where technical experience and solutions to help the poultry industry face its future will be shared. The frequency of the trade show is annual.


Name: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre (ZZICEC)
Address: 1 Nei Huan Road, Central Business District, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, China Postal Code?450016
Tel: +86-371-6808 9866
Fax: +86-371-6808 9835
Official Website: Click to Visit

Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre (ZZICEC) is managed by Hong Kong - Shanghai Venue Management (Zhengzhou) Limited (VMZL). VMZL is a private professional management company. It is a joint venture between Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Venue Management China Limited and INTEX Shanghai Company Limited.

ZZICEC is one of three iconic buildings in the central business area of Zhengzhou. The steel and concrete construction of the main building utilises a cable-stayed suspension system to support the roof. The ZZICEC is a convention & exhibition complex with a construction area of 227,600 square metres. Rentable indoor area totals 74,000 square metres which is ideal for conventions, exhibitions, entertainment events, receptions, banquets and ceremonial events.
Convention Centre: This portion of the ZZICEC consists of 6 floors and a total construction area of 60,800 square metres. It includes the Grand Hall seating up to 3,160 for meetings and 1,660 for banquets, the International Theatre seating 1,090, and two (2) theatres seating 400 each. Also included are seventeen (17) meeting rooms of varied sizes, VIP reception rooms, a Chinese restaurant, a western restaurant, and a cafe. Simultaneous interpretation can be provided for up to 8 languages within the International Theatre.
Exhibition Centre: This portion of the ZZICEC consists of two (2) major exhibition halls and a total construction area of 166,800 square metres. There are 6 floors of auxiliary support facilities including meeting rooms, food concessions, offices and shops. Up to 3,560 exhibition booths at 9 square metres each can be accommodated in the two exhibition halls. The exhibition halls span 102 metres with 5 operable walls that can divide the space into 6 halls for independent exhibition use. Hall 2 on the upper level is column-free. Both halls can be accessed directly by vehicles for loading and unloading.
Outdoor Exhibition Area: Some 38,000 square metres of outdoor exhibition area are conveniently located between the Exhibition Centre and the Dragon Lake.
Outdoor Parking: An outdoor parking area of some 45,000 square metres can accommodate up to 1,800 vehicles.
ZZICEC is the member of International Association of Assembly Managers and International Association of Exhibitions and Events.

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