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2012 Shanghai International Advertising Four New Exhibition (ADEXPO 2012)


about the trade fair - 2012 Shanghai International Advertising  Four New Exhibition (ADEXPO 2012)

Shanghai International Advertising Four New Exhibition is a trade fair event that derives its name directly from the chief activities that are organized here. The activities, namely, are new technology, new equipment, new media exhibition and new materials. The event features a diverse range of products that are exhibited, from the advertising production equipment, multimedia and touch products, advertising articles and materials and the display systems category.
Shanghai International Advertising Four New Exhibition is held on an annual basis at Shanghai, China. It currently ranks as the top trade event related to this industry, in the entire country. In particular, the advertising industry draws in special attention from exhibitors and visitors alike, who view the event as a convenient platform to interact with each other, and exchange ideas and information.


Shanghai International Advertising Four New Exhibition has visiting participants from different parts of the world. Apart from the top dignitaries of the industry attending the show, visitors looking for advertising marking and display items, related articles and materials, tools for producing advertisements and multimedia solutions are also present at the show.


【Exhibition Range】

* Advertising Production Equipment:
Outdoor & indoor spraying & printing equipments, spraying & printing technology equipment, portrait equipment, computer carving and engraving system, advertising image equipment, acrylic vacuum-thermoform equipment, scroll machine, filming machine, binding and decoration, concatenation, binding equipment, portrait ink, hot transfer equipment, and parts and components for advertising equipment;
* Advertising Materials and Articles:
Advertising consumptive materials, advertising materials, various advertising adhesive tapes, instant sticker, lamp box cloth, various printing materials, advertising design software, spraying cloth, portrait photographic paper, various retro-reflective materials, advertising film sticker, adhesive tape, instant sticker for lamp box film, various panels, organic glass products and consumptive materials;
* Exhibition and Displaying System and Advertising Marking:
Aluminum alloy combination system, POP shaping display, display portable apparatus, exhibition and displaying new-hi-tech application, dynamic multi-media lamp box, multi-axle rotation stand, marking profile, marking system design and production, accessories for marking system, material, advertising board, electronic screen, liquid crystal advertising machine, advertising pneumatic mold;
*Multimedia and Touch Technology and Equipment
Multi-Media Display System, Multi-Media AD Display System, Flush Bonding Streaming Media Server, Streaming Media Real Time Display System, High-definition Set-top Box, Touch Screen, Wireless Connections Technology and Equipment, Storage Card, Network Connections, Satellite Technology Equipment Installation Service and corollary equipment.


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