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The 20th Investment and Financing Expo of 2017 (Shanghai)


The 20th Investment and Financing Expo of 2017 (Shanghai)

The professional investment & financing expo with the greatest scale and influence in Eastern China, China (Shanghai) Investment and Financing Expo will welcome its 20th session at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (SECEC)China during June 3-5, 2017.

As a grand event for investment and financing projects in 2017, The 20th Investment and Financing Expo of 2017 (Shanghai) is tailored for the investment and financing organizations to show themselves, enhance their reputation, promote their products and expand their market shares.


Exhibition Contents:
1. Third party payment, P2P Internet Loan, public financing, sales of online financial product and network banking
2. Financial planning: providing housing loan, financial equipment, auto loan, education loan, consumption loan, travel loan, mortgage loan, personal business loan, credit card, Forex Kit, investment gold, personal financing service, life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, participating insurance, auto insurance family property insurance and other financial products of Chinese and foreign Banks, Chinese and foreign insurance companies, securities companies, fund companies, trust investment companies, futures companies, etc.
3. Financial investment: stock, fund, government loan, enterprise bond, futures, trust investment products, participating insurance, foreign exchange and so on; investment-oriented apartment, shop, villa, office building, property hotel, featured commercial street, specialized market and property consultation;
4. Service fortune: consultation and service organizations for the financial and investment, financing software, financing trainings, legal consultation organizations, financial equipments, financing media and tools;
5. Entrepreneurial wealth: investment and entrepreneurship projects, franchise chain, educational investment organizations, venture investment organizations, industrial and commercial tax consultation;
6. Synthesis: family investment and financing planning, life financial plan, insurance service plan, personal investment and financing consultation;


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