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Motor China 2017 - The 17th China (International) Motor Exhibition and Forum 2017

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Motor China 2017

The 17th China (International) Motor Exhibition and Forum 2017

Aiming to serve for the motor industry and enhance the sustainable development of this industry, the most influential motor exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region - Motor China 2017 - The 17th China (International) Motor Exhibition and Forum 2017 will be held during June 7-9, 2017 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention CenterChina


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Medium and small motor, stepping motor, DC motor, explosion resistance motor, special motor, vibration motor, brushless motor, permanent magnetic motor, fractional motor, traction motor, gear motor, servo motor, series motor, automobile motor, household appliance motor, large motor, generator ,etc, test instrument and production equipment, commutator, bearing, lubrication oil for the motor, electric brush, mould, relay, fan, heat protector, protection and control device, vacuum device, frequency converter, voltage transformer, spare parts and materials of the motor, the design, manufacturing and management software for the motor, energy saving for the motor, various permanent magnetic materials and soft magnetic materials, insulating materials, electrical carbon products, and new technologies for environmental protection, etc.


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