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Stonetech 2012 Shanghai

  • VENUE: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
    Location & Details of Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
  • VENUE ADDRESS: 2345 Long Yang Road, Pudong Area, Shanghai, 201204, China
  • ORGANIZER: CIEC Exhibition Company Limited, CIEC Group
    China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Building Materials Sub-Council (CCPITBM)
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • Contact:Mr. Leo Wang
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-10-8460 0335
  • Fax: +86-10-8460 0325/0740
  • CITY:Shanghai
  • INDUSTRY:Natural Stones
  •  Stone & Stone Machinery
  • DATE: 2012/04/25 - 2012/04/28 Expired!


about the trade fair - Stonetech  2012 Shanghai

STONETECH has been committed to creating fine stone. Together with the well-known international design institutions, more new theme design will be debuted at the show to provide the latest concept of stone design, to connect stone processing enterprise with designers, architects and interior decoration works effectively. 
STONETECH covers the whole industrial chain, fully demonstrates the development level of stone. All kinds of stone products from Turkey, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Iran, Egypt, India, as well as the local centers, Yunfu and Laizhou will be present at the fair. STONETECH is the first fair to obtain UFI certification amongworld-renowned stone exhibition. It totally received 700,000 visitors from local and abroad to the year 2009.
STONETECH is your best starting point for trade. You can enjoy no-stop global trade trip follow STONETECH. From Turkey MARBLE, Germany STONE + TEC, the United States COVERINGS, Egypt INTERBUILD, Russia EXPOSTONE, Italy MARMOMACC, to Poland KAMIEN, France BATIMAT, Spain, PIEDRA, United Arab Emirates BIG 5, India STONA……We are working together with you to for new products, outside markets and trade opportunities.


Stone importers. The exhibition targets the large number of real estate enterprises and construction companies, and many more.



1. Raw Blocks
1.1 Marble Block
1.2 Granite Block
1.3 Sandstone Block
1.4 Others

2. Slab? 
2.1 Natural Slab
2.1.1 Marble Slab
2.1.2 Granite Slab
2.1.3 Slabstone
2.1.4 Sandstone Slab
2.1.5 Others

2.2 Composite Slab

2.3 Man-Made Stone
2.3.1 Terrazzo
2.3.2 Cryst-Pannel
2.3.3 Solid Surface
2.3.4 Engineered Stone
2.3.5 Cultural Stone
2.3.6 Others

3. Irregular Crafts 
3.1 Kitchen Worktops
3.2 Sink Stops
3.3 Steps, Staircases, Skirting Tiles
3.4 Landscaping Ball
3.5 Fireplace
3.6 Door, Window, Hand-Rail, Post Of Barrier, Lines, Vase
3.7 Columns 
3.8 Flower Tub, Trough, Fountain
3.9 Mosaic
3.10 Lamps
3.11 Furniture
3.12 Arc Slab
3.13 Others

4. Stone Carvings 
4.1 Figure Carving
4.2 Animals
4.3 Figure Of Buddha
4.4 Embossment
4.5 Others

5. Graves And Memorials 
5.1 Chinese-Styled Grave
5.2 Japanese-Styled Grave
5.3 European-Styled Grave
5.4 Urn
5.5 Accessory Of Grave
5.6 Memorials 
5.7 Others

6. Landscaping
6.1 Pebble
6.2 Blind Stone
6.3 Archaized Stone
6.4 Landscaping Stone
6.5 Artificial Art Stone
6.6 Imitation Mushroom Stone
6.7 Others

7. Machinery, Plant And Tools 
7.1 Machinery And Equipment For Quarrying 
7.1.1 Drilling And Splitting Equipment 
7.1.2 Air Compress Machine
7.1.3 Bush Hammering And Flaming Machines 
7.1.4 Loading Equipment 
7.1.5 Bulldozer
7.1.6 Grab
7.1.7 Slow-Motion Hoist

7.1.8 Cranes 
7.1.9 Gib Crane
7.1.10 Gantry Crane
7.1.11laming Machine
7.1.12 Diamond Wire Saw 
7.1.13 Disc Cutting Machine
7.1.14 Multi-Blade Cutting Machine
7.1.15 Others

7.2 Processing Equipment
7.2.1 Cutting Machine Circular Block Saws Gang Saw Mill Saws Diamond Wire Saws, Band Saws Diamond Wire Saws Cutting Machine With Thin Blade Others

7.2.2 Grinding And Polishing Tools

7.2.3 Bridge Cutting Machine Cutting Machine Water-Jet Cutting Machine Others

7.2.4 Small-Size Processing Machine
7.2.5 Auxiliary Equipment

7.2.6 Shaped Processing Machine Diamond Wire Saws Drilling Machine Edge Polishing

7.2.7 Saw Blank And Saw Blade Saw Blank Saw Blade

7.2.8 Grinding Tools??? Abrasive Steel Grit Polishing Head Polishing Powder Steel Cotton Others

7.2.9 Diamond
7.2.10 Machinery And Plant For Manufacturing Diamond Tools

8. Industrial Safety, Environmental Protection 
8.1 Dust Removal Equipment 
8.2 Noise Insulation Equipment 
8.3 Security Monitor System
8.4 Recycling 
8.5 Waste Water Recovery 
8.6 Pumps 
8.7 Others

9.? Maintenance And Accessories
9.1 Maintenance Product
9.2 Cleaning Product
9.3 Conservation Product
9.4 Polishing Product
9.5 Adhesives
9.6 Glazes
9.7 Stone Working Tools
9.8 Others

10. Others
10.1 Association
10.2 Trade Press
10.3 Consultant
10.4 Data Processing 
10.5 Others



Name: CIEC Exhibition Company Limited, CIEC Group
Address: 3rd floor, General Service Building, #6 East Road North 3rd Ring Road Chao Yang District Beijing China 100028
Tel: +86-10-8460 0308
Fax: +86-10-8460 0325 / 8460 0346
Official Website: Click to Visit

CIEC Exhibition Co. Ltd./CIEC Exhibition Company Limited, CIEC Group, an overseas subsidiary of China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation under China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), was registered in Hong Kong in 1986. Its main business covers creation, design, development and organizing of specialized international exhibitions and conventions. It also provides exhibition engineering, exhibition hall management, exhibit forwarding services as well as relevant services on trade, travel and consultation for exhibition & convention information to all clients from China and other countries.

Name: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Building Materials Sub-Council (CCPITBM)
Address: Room 316, No.11, Sanlihe Road, Haiding District, Beijing 100831, P.R.CHINA
Tel: +86-10-5781 1676
Fax: +86-10-5781 1676
Official Website: Click to Visit

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