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APFE 2017 - The 13th Shanghai International Functional Film Expo


APFE 2017

The 13th Shanghai International Functional Film Expo

As the world's most powerful commercial exhibition in adhesive tape and functional filmthe 13th Shanghai International Functional Film Expo will be staged during May 24th-26th, 2017 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Concurrently with:

APFE 2017 - The 13th Shanghai International Adhesive Tape, Protective Films & Optical Film Expo

APFE 2017 - The 12th Shanghai International BOPET Film and Technology Expo


* Backlight/display film: diffusion film, reflective film, lighten film, optical composite film, polarizing film,  membrane micro lens, holographic film and OLED film, etc
* Display film: optical protective film, optical sclerosis/scratch-resistant/blast proof and peep / /anti-dazzle/anti dazzle membrane, IMD decoration film, ITO film/conductive film, OCA adhesive tape, etc
* Functional film (industrial) : process protective film, insulating film/car film (film), diaphragm, reflective film, graphite heat conducting film, laser film, highlight film, lithium-ion battery diaphragm, insulation film, anti-static film and soft packaging film, etc
* Coating/cutting/winding/laminating/printing
* Stretch/extrusion/composite
* Control/detection
* Drying/curing/cooling dehumidification
* Roller/tools/heart


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